Post # 51 Binh Dan

Day 59 1021 days to go. Distance today 86km total 3356km. It’s 8.25pm Sunday 29/1/2012 Binh Dan. Hi there hope everyone is all good. I must say I’m very much looking forward to a day off the saddle and with two days left until Hoi An I’m counting down the kms (about 220km). Tomorrows about 100kms to Quan Ngai then the remaining 121km to Hoi An on Tuesday. I had a huge sleep in this morning and after a top up shop on supplies didn’t get going until 11.30am. The weather was drizzly but good for cycling for the first part then got a bit hilly and headwindy for the later. Anyway they’re kms in the past and tomorrow a new day. I’m staying in a small town about 5km off the highway but most importantly given it was after 5pm when I arrived, it has a Nga Nigh for $5 yay (I recently figured means something like a guesthouse in Vietnamese). It has wifi a bit slow but connected nonetheless. Today’s ride was nice enough through lots of rice fields and smaller towns which is always cool. Earlier the roadside stalls were selling all sorts and shapes of crustaceans and crabs given we traveled along the ocean for the first part of the day. The traffic however was horrendous with so many buses returning folk to their homes in both directions. That made for allot of honks and crazy overtaking on the roads so it wasn’t the nicest of rides and I was relieved to finish and get away from the chaos. I’m a bit tired but figured today it’ll be 17 days in the saddle when I reach Hoi An so no wonder. Totally all good but and am enjoying the countryside immensely. Tonight’s a short post as I’ve been catching up on emails and now hungry and looking forward to bed. Talk soon x

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