4 thoughts on “Flight booked arrive Chiang Mai Thailand 2/12/11

  1. Love your Blog page Maree. We will be following you every pedal of the way.
    GO WELL!! Follow your dream. We are 45% excited…45% worried but we know it will be an adventure of a lifetime. Enjoy your free time now that work is behind you to prepare for New Zealand leading up to 1st Dec. and the adventure that lies ahead. All our love Mops & Pops xxoo

    1. Dare I ask what the other 10% is? Your help and support work much like bumper bowling rails. Looking forward to your visit this afternoon and sharing a coffee, scrabble and dinner this end of the world

      1. Oops…..your father slipped up with his proof reading!!!!!!!!!
        Will always have time for coffee, scrabble and dinner. Love it. Shame I can’t have a win at Scrabble though. Happy preparing and packing xxoo

  2. Hey Pops make sure you forehand all attempts to shift responsibility straight back to Mrs Cheeky. You could suggest she shift focus back on the outstanding 10% issue? Fun night together as always. Love Daughter xxoo

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