Isn’t technology amazing

I am so lucky to have a partner who re-defines cleverness and has advised me on IT equipment options.  With a GPS tracker, sat phone, Ipod touch and foldable keyboard, I can share my day-to-day via internet and satellite.  The technology is amazing once I know how to use it.  Look for the page (not yet!) that bread crumbs each day using the tracker and google maps.  It’s still coming but before Christmas I promise.  The internet is truly a new wonder of the world.

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"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you've imagined.' H D Thoreau

One thought on “Isn’t technology amazing

  1. You`re pretty amazing yourself Wid! The blog has turned out great, It might be “Shecyclesolo” (love it) but we`ll all be with you in spirit every pedal of the way.

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