Post #2 – Out of Chaing mai

Day 6 Days to Go 1074 – Day 1 touring distance . Location somewhere 47.38kms from Chaing Mai on route to Chaing Rai. I decided to do a diary log using my ipod notes app (great great toy) so I can share the day as its had rather than the next time I have access to internet. As I am currently trying to stretch out a cramp in my left hammy as I type my thoughts go straight to the temp today. I nearly threw out my gatorade container trying to cull some weight and thank goodnes I had a change of heart. I was literally eating it today. I have drunk 4litres of water 2 with gaterade and counless mouthfulls of the powder to top up and my legs are still complaining go figure. But given all the weather types I’ll encounter along the way today has been perfect but hot and sweaty like I havn’t experienced. There was a long hill climb 1 hour out and I had my first encounter with heat stress. I was saved by a Budhist shrine of sorts 3/4 way up the hill where I stopped to recover. Passing cars were all beaping their horn and doing a budhist gesture out the window in respect. I was trying to stay out of view so not to offend. It was a cool experience using a shaded spot as a sanctuary out of the heat and it being a shrine. I had stopped once i out of the city to put my hat, gloves and bike pants on cause my but was already complaining. Funny how perspective kicks in as the heat was far more distressing and needless to say all the gear I had put on including my sports bra came off. Once the body temp came down I headed off again and was very happy to know the top wasn’t far off. I let out the biggest cheer going down the other side. Unfortunately there was many more hills to come today but not as steep. I came across lots of little villages with people selling their produce and got a couple of great picks. At about 5pm I had had enough the legs were cramping and I needed to stop. Unfortunately I have no guide book so it was on the lookout for accomodation options. I came across this rest place with a shop and house and acted out of I could pitch my tent in their yard offering baht. The woman said it was ok and refused any payment and I gave her the biggest hug much to her surprised look. I encountered a few puppies today guiding their farms and have quickly developed this bellowing growl driven by the adrenaline dump reaction I experience when They come snarling at my heals. It’s worked so far so i’m going with it. I was later leaving today as I met this young couple of girls from the States that had all sorts of questions about getting an Aussie work visa that I had no idea about but they were fun and keen to chat about travel. One gave me a silver dollar for good luck how cool. I met this expat in the internet cafe who was telling me of his adventures in Thailand of the last 4 years. He was keen for my card and to follow the blog. He tried to help me find some kero for the stove but no luck so far, I’m typing now eating the still dehydrated food which is yum still like a vegy style beaf jerky. I also met these 2 guys from the States who are mad cyclists and bailed me up on my bike yesterday with lots of Qs and advice. They said they would be in touch with some hints cycling USA and said I was welcome to stay with them also very cool. They were all excited about my blog and loved the card. It’s turing out to be a good idea and a way of sharing what I doing with people I meet yay. I must say I’m pretty happy with day one now done and spot checker sent with I’m here safe, healthy and happy given a bit weary. I was thinking today it could be cool to include some trivia to end each blog like distance travelled, average costs per day and my best and least favourite moments since last post. So on that closing note distance 47.83 Odometre 368.2 average speed 14.5km/hr baht spent today 45. Favourite moment – easy hands down the generosity of my host family. My favourite thing about Thailand from what little I have seen is the people – they are truley lovely and clearly influenced by a budhist approach. Least mmm close runnings between seeing a steep inclide coming road sign and very protective puppies but I’d say given my cramping leg musles tonight that the hills take the crap award. again it’s a matter of perspective and I know this is all very small in the grand picture. I am safe and well and happy to be sharing my first day with you. x

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6 thoughts on “Post #2 – Out of Chaing mai

  1. Confessions of a cyber stalker – love your spot checker feature Wid! After having clicked onto it non-stop the last 4 days have decided it`s time to do some serious settling if anything else is to get done for the next 1075 days!
    Stretch those legs,refine that deep growl and remember Big Sister is watching 🙂 XXXX

  2. Love your two blogs Re. They are reading like first instalments of Chapter 1 of your Book.You need Monte with you to frighten those puppies. May there be many more accomm. owners getting a hug. Stay safe. Happy peddling.
    Mops and Pops XXXOOOOOO

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