Post #5 Chaing Rai day2

Day 8 Days to go 1072 It’s 6.40pm sitting in the night bazaar listening to a three piece Thai folk band if there’s such a thing. It’s really beautiful soaking up the music and aromas so what a great place to end an awesome day ipod’ing what’s happened. The day started perfect skyping my partner at early o’clock so I had to excuse myself for a couple more hours sleep ready for another Skype session a bit later. Have I told you how much I love the Internet. I then spent some time packing up ready to head to chaing kong tomorrow via Mae chan and chaing saen then along the Mekong into chaing kong. I thought I’d start to include some place names for the geographically interest especially my Pops xxx it should take about 2 days. I decided to stay another day here it’s really lovely and time is a luxury I do have to a degree, I was feeling a bit weary from the heat and k’s from the last days but feeling good tonight how could I not. Whilst packing I made friends with the house keeper Dang and her helper, Dang has 3 children 10, 8 and 1 and is raising them as a single mum, fun naughty lady so into sharing stories. I showed her all my gear, maps and wedding ring but “no children” much to her very sad face, lovely lovely time spent sharing their respectful intrigue and giggles. I popped back into the hotel durind the day to drop some and I hear “Moree!!!” it was Dang with a Powerade gel for me how gorgeous, I headed to the tourist info to find out how to best head and again the guy was fascinated and wished me God’s protection and safe travel watch out for trucks-his broken English was excellent. On that more Dang taught me thankyou the word for the day which I regimately used all day awesome “khawp Kuhn kha”to the store Man I bought bananas from. Another to the checkout girls at the super market where I bought another tofu hit. And again to the bakery lady who was selling these tiny pastries filled with a fruit paste for 1 baht each yum. And so on …. I came across this buddhist monastery that grabbed attention with the old whitewashed Temple at the rear of the more modern one. Wow what a great find I spent ages there loving it’s age and tradition. Blue dog and Miss Jane even made a cameo appearance climbing the statues up to all sorts of mischief. It started getting dark so I road around town checking the exit route for Tomorrow something I forget to do in chaing Mai oppsy and now sitting very content in the night markets. I like this place allot so I hope you enjoy the photos. Heading back to the hotel soon sadly but it’s An early night for these little legs after uploading this post and photos from the day. Favorite part of the day mmmmmm right now thinking about what a great day it’s been and sharing it with you. Least favourite that it has to end. Tomorrows another day yay onwards to chaing kong. Talk soon x ps thankyou to everyone for your comments x I have taken some videos but still trying to work how to attach these – I’ll get to that one – right now – Photos uploaded nd time for zzzzzzzz

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2 thoughts on “Post #5 Chaing Rai day2

  1. I remember those hills but thankfully I was in a 4WD! Safe travels. We miss you on the DV line. P and P watching your progress. Love,

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