Post #16 Ban Thabok

Day 21  1059 days to go. Distance: today 98km total 851km. It’s 7.20pm Wednesday the 21/12/2011 Ban Thabok. My room has a TV and there’s a video hits channel yayayayayayay.  Videos they get me like a chronic teenager and yes it’s irrelevant I have no idea about the music or what they’re saying or that it’s very Bollywood and lollipop. It’s very cool and I’m spacing and enjoying the simple stimulation of FAN TV. Speaking of non-intellegent moments I realised tonight that I had a good one back in Chaing Rai. I had 200USD tucked away for an emergency need to exchange cash. I had thought before that I probably should have got some more cash out in Vientiane but remembered I had the USD and that it was an option to exchange some cash for Kip tomorrow. So I went to where I thought I had tucked it away and no, double-check still no mmmmm checked all the places it could be and rechecked mmmmm bugga big. All I can think is that I when I got my laundry done in haing Rai including my money belt for some reason I didn’t take out the UD that was folded in the back sleeve.  I had a moment of growly growls I really hate loosing stull and am very proned particularly when Im distracted or tired that’s why everything important is tied to me literally. But its hard to stay cranky crank for something that happened two weeks ago when obviously my brain was elsewhere. You know I can still picture the woman who did my 1kg laundry for very little baht so it’s some consolation that it was an early christmas for her and her family that day. Onto today. I had the ,ost awesome Skype with my partner just a perfect way to start the day. It’s been a while since we hooked up on skype and had a two hour session thankyou technology x When I came down to reception to check out later there was Hanna yay hellllooooo. Her and the kids didn’t get into Vientiane until after 8pm and she didnt get my message until this morning. As I have mentioned there is only one arterial road north/south in Laos great that you can’t get lost but not so great if workers need to dig up road just what happened to these guys.  All southbound road traffic including their bus, cars, bicycles, tuk tuks, tractors. mopeds, carts people. dog, cats, goats, buffalos, pigs, chickens were stopped for three hours while they did road maintenance. It was great to catch up briefly and Im sure they’re enjoying Vientiane. The rad here is great all sealed not too much dust and traffic or hills so I covered the distance from 12.30 to 4.30m (25km/hr with stops) a sign how good the conditions were. Hanna told me about bamboo sticks of sticky rice with seeds you can buy that make a great snack and I found one for lunch today yum more f them please. The country side was most agriculture rice fields. The town stalls were selling what I thought was a home-brew whisky or sorts but it turned out to be petrol/oil for mopeds for refueling. I saw one refilling during the day and its either that or rocket fuel whisky (lol). The guesthouse Im staying is nice 60000 kip bit exy comparatively but its the only one in town and since leaving the more remote areas camping not an apparent option but Im keeping my eyes open. The road crosses the Mekong before coming into town and its on a pretty spot their monastery perched right on the river. There’s a market as you cross the brifge so Ill check that out for breaky yum. Trave through Paksan tomorrow and aim for Pak kong a similar distance to today. I need to get to Kong Lo Cave over the next day so we’ll see where I’ll end up. As for today I’m safe and happy. Talk soon x


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