Post #20 Christmas in Tha Knaek

Day 25 1075 days to go: Distance: today NOT GOING ANYWHERE YAYAYAYA. Happy Christmas to you fine people. Have a special day whatever you’re doing and enjoy those you’re sharing it with. I thought I’d take this chance to say thank you so much for your comments over the last 25 days.  I read through them again this morning and they’re so special. I can’t tell you how much I love hearing from you and receiving your supportive words.  There’s lots of ups and downs in each day and the experience as a whole picture remains truly awesome and meanigful big.  It is during the tougher moments however that I lean on the support and love and thoughts from family and friends so again thank you it really really helps and is appreciated. Christmas day beckons to just hang out it’s a beautiful day here still a bit chilly say 20 so I have plans to find a sunny spot and hang by the Mekong and find yummy things to eat along the way yay. Again have a great day until next post on route to Paske heading tomorrow 26/12/2011. Thought I’d end by sharing a quote a friend of mine shared with me:

“When I let my true self out, I radiate. My eyes shine bright. When I walk it’s a dance. When I speak it’s a song. When I smile at you, it’s a kiss. I am free. I am strong. I am an artist in every sense of the word. But most of all, I become *me*. And that’s who I want to be.” Author unknown

There’s no greater gift you can give those you love than your true self. (Thanks Cindy x) Love from me and talk soon x

It’s 4.00pm 25/12/2011 and thought I’d update the blog one more time before heading tomorrow.  It’s been such a chill afternoon and I all dosy and warm from sitting in the sun on the waterfront.  The woman who did my laundry from the internet cafe just came out with my washing all fresh but checked on the undies siutation and had given me some fellas undies and him mine – he would have got a rude shock when he next puts a leg into his undies which is about all he’d manage going on the size of the ones I ended up with.  The lady was so funny all apologies but gigling – I do enjoy Loas people generally they’re are a bit naughty and allot fun.

Yesterday when I arrived I cycled around to check out the place and hoped Id end up down the waterfront at some stage today so that’s very cool.  It was needed to find a place comfy as I was feeling a bit fragile being away from family today and had a bit of a ‘what the hell am I doing moment.’ Nothing that some Mekong river sun couldnt mend.  There’s a handful of food stores along the river street with tables and chairs alfresco style. Nothing chic about it just uthentic and rustic with open fires and grilling assorted meat skewers, bananas and sweet potatoes mostly. Street stall vendors budget eats for locals mostly grilled on open fires or hot plates all smoking and generally smell fabulous.  With a side order of sticky rice food sells at these places for under 10000 kip generally (1.20Aus). Then there’s the mid range that may or may not order off a menu  mostly rice, noodle, or curry dishes between 15000-50000 kip. Seating will be plastic tables and chairs and your food served on a plate as opposed to a plastic take-away bag. Mid to upperrange go up in chicness youll start to see some western, indian, middle eastern dishes and variations.  Prices are 25000 upwards.  My favourite no gueses are the vendors so enticing and authentic and basically confort food style.  The workers always have a raw twist as opposed to serving the customer approach which is very real I like it.  Today’s been a bit out of sorts for me emotionally or at least earlier.  The size and challenge seemed a bit overwelming this morning and I could have very easilly beemed myself to be opening pressies with my puppies and family.  I found myself doing a recky check and soon recalled clearly what and why Im here.  The sort of things up there for me include putting myself in new situations and amongst different cultures, travelling independently to sort through each new day safely and by my reckoning, having to interact and ask for help as needed respecfully, appreciating and tolerating cultural and individual differences, respecting the qualities and limitations of western standards and social structure, seeing and acting on opportunities to interact with other cultures, keeping eyes open to filter truth from perspective and seeing what’s beaitiful in the everyday for its own right and uniqueness.  I won’t go on but I think you get the idea 🙂 This is the sort of opportunities I have given myself deliberately by my own choosing.  I remain mostly out of my known comfort zone and want to learn how to operate there relaxed and actively and effectivel.  I was to get my hands dirty and be involved in living and getting good stuff out of situations as they present or getting out of bad stuff safely with a story. And that is what its about for me gathering a whole bunch of experiences, sharing them and learning as I go along.  Formalising this informal way of learning by sharing it with you is really my pleasure.  Travel remains the essential part of the adventure of life.  I am loving writing and hope to build ability to share stories that capture the attention of your ‘cool factor’ and inspire ideas and indivuality in that big kid inside all of us.  It’s been a real comfort for me at a time of feeling a bit doubty and to be able to go on about this stuff with a clarity and assurance that’s tight.  This is a bit of a heavy but I feel it was needed today to shake up my perspective and resettle it on track for the next 1000kms. I hope your Christmas has been special and fun and a happy one for you and your families.  Talk soon x


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5 thoughts on “Post #20 Christmas in Tha Knaek

  1. I was thinking of you on Christmas day, out there on your own in a sometimes strange land. You are an incredibly brave person, not in world wide sense but in the way of pushing your boundaries and daily just telling it like it is. I’m really enjoying your descriptions of where you are at and the characters you meet along the day. Your blog forms my morning breakfast ritual and usually by the end of it I realise what sort of a slacker life I have really. Thre greatest bonus for me in past years travelling has been to return home and realise the absolute richness, comfort and ease with which we have life in Aus.l By the end your your trip you will live life differently and have extreme gratitude for whatever life brings. What an amazing experience. Besides that I guess you will never want to sit on a bike seat again! I need to find a map to see where you are up to. Take care, watch out for bandit laundry women and ride safely. xx

    1. Eileen thankyou for taking the time to send this message ur spot on about appreciating all we have in Aus it makes me happy to hear that the simple stories are interesting for you because it’s the day to day little things that make my day so rich with stuff to share. I don’t know about the bravery side of things I see it as gifts to experience something new to learn from. That’s pretty much the essence of what floats my boat mmmmmmmm maybe a boat may be the next adventure as the legs would have peddled their fair share by then just jokes one beautiful day at a time and a safe day is a good one. Everything ontop feels like treats. I met you some time ago now Eileen you are one consistent and resiliant cooky and I have always considered you pretty awesome and value your input so thankyou so much you have fun with your friends and family however that may look to celebrate 2012 with a fun and warm welcome x love to the crew there at p&p x

  2. A belated Merry Christmas from Nic & BL! We are loving your blog, just as all your faithful followers. So great to share the journey with you. The food descriptions are our favourite! Take care and lots of love xx

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