Post # 23 Paske

Day 28 152 days to go. Distance: today 123km total 1353km. It’s
2.46pm wednesday the 28/12/2011 and I’ve decided to get out of the heat it’s full on hot today I’d have a guess on the road mix forties. It’s a shames cause I’m having such a good ride day and really keen to get into Paske with 20km to go. Right now I’m sitting put until I feel a little less brain fried. The first place I’ve found is a beer garden so there’s some chill music playing and groups having a drink in their own huts it’s actually quite groovy . I think last night’s lack of sleep is. Arching up on me it could have held off for another hour anyway a bit of a rest and well give it
Another go 5km at a time. I’ve had heaps of water ifs just the heat and once you feel like you’re cooking it not much fun. I went off to bed last night so happy and comfy but was woken about a couple of hours later with a bighty and then another one and I thought oh no bed bugs. I turned on the light and found that a nest of ants had decided to move in and into my baguettes and rice cakes nooooooooooo. They have then seen me asleep and thought oooooo there’s a bigger baguette. Literally there were ants egg on my bananas . It was on you little $&@tards. A tip ants don’t like insect spray and got their toenails sprayed actually they got quite drowned but there was no mercy at that o’clock. I think the buddhist in me was still asleep and this must kill devil spawn took control. Ok so an hour later ants were dead or had run in terror and it was back to trying to sleep but I was a bit eeeek after that episode and didn’t sleep the best. Bigger feeling it now but I must say I’m feeling heaps better just ring out of the sun for a bit. I have to pee again so water not a problem I just need to stick my head in their ice bucket they’re serving drinks from. I launched this or ing soon after I started I went through this town and a group of boys were walking to school. They came to a gigantic buffalo pad on the roadside and one of the boys stood over it likens had left it. Of course poo and burp jokes clearly work in laos too especially for a group of young lads. It was straight out of the comic Beavis and butthead for those who know it. A group next door have invited me to join them to drink beer eeeeeeeek thank you but I have to still get to Paske great excuse. The stops I’ve had today have been majoritively at petrol stations for water tops. Rube and I have had visits from baby chicks, roosters and two very cute puppies. Otherwise it’s been a day of cycling I’ve really enjoyed it and spent time on my style to conserve those legs. It funny if you go too hard or are in a poor position you don’t feeling until a few hours later so I’m slowly being reminded of the dos and don’t re style spacing out the day and how much to eat and drink. Anyway I think I’m feeling more human and ready go tackle 5 k’s at a time good plan. One of those stops will be a snack stop I’m hungry and run out of food. Dam those ants. Well at least the chops got a good feed of baguette this morning for . Talk later from Paske x
It’s 6.34 and I’m showered
And squeaky clean yayayayayyya gear sort of washes out as best as I could and drying which shouldn’t take long it’s really balmy. Arrived to a beautiful sunset and found a guesthouse 60000 with wifi in the rooms how cool. Going to update the blog now and upload the photos for the last few days it’s really good to be here. Long day very satisfying and i gooto say was kinda relieved to get here this arvPaske this old french colonial town with lots happening so I have a now into the evening while I look for something to eat starvvvvvvvving. Talk soon x

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