Post # 34 Siem Reap

Day 40 1040 days to go. Distance: Today 12km 2102km. It’s 5.30pm an I’m sitting in front of Angkor Watt and I just had to say ‘oh bloody dear what an extraordinary sight. It’s pinch myself very cool stuff. If you buy your pass after 5pm then you can enter and Day 1 doesn’t start until tomorrow so basically I sneak in a freebie sunset and taste test. I just had to wet the taste buds and so glad I did. Finding a guesthouse can wait until later. Right now this is truly awesome and I’m really excited to be here and back at 5am in the morning when it opens for sunrise. Way too excited and had to share the moment. I keep smiling an idiot grin at people who just laugh. I think they get it. That’s one of the downside of traveling solo is when you want to share something really cool with someone who counts. The blogs the next best thing for me so thank you for wading through the ‘cools’ and ‘awesomes’ which are pretty much the extent of my vocab at these special times. By the way this is awesomely cool 🙂
It’s 8.30pm found a cool guesthouse for the next 4 nights $6 per night. So I have my photo ID pass and a rough idea what watts I want to see and when over the next days. I feel like a big kid with a new toy or in this case something totally new and different to check out that i have heard so much about. I don’t even mind that much that I have a sinus infection. It wasn’t unexpected and been coming on now for the last 3 weeks since all that dust in Laos. The body did it’s best but alas its time for drugs. I’m a bit achy with it ot that could just be the way I slept on the bus today so it’ll be good to take the edge of and give the immune system a bit of a hand. It’s been working so hard with not much relief each day. Thank you Travel Doctor. I’ve got a scarf onboard so Ill use that in the dusty parts to help out. My commiserations go out to those who suffer sinus related problems, horrible achy head, nose and teeth. Anyway enough about boring snot and back to cool stuff. The bus ride was a good time spent reading up on the ride options with little sleeps in between 🙂 It’s sort of a pinch myself moment that I’m here. I think that’s why I was so keen to get out this afternoon for a reality check. It’s been such full on days in Phenom Phen and a bit of an emotional roller coaster taking in some of the challenges Ive spoken previously about. So this afternoon sitting on the ancient wall looking out over the moat at Angkor was a perfect intro to where I’ll be exploring and indulging the lens over the next days. I’ll upload the photos when I return to Phenom Phen but have wifi access at the guesthouse to let you know how each day goes. For now its time for bed as an early rise in the morning. Talk soon. x


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2 thoughts on “Post # 34 Siem Reap

  1. Maree!!! its awesomely cool!! im loving your stories, although i confess im not getting to read all of all of them…but im loving what i get to read (stupid pesky work and study taking away my daydreaming time!) Im so pleased to read that you are confident and that you are seeing things that make your heart glow and that you are smiling… i am so enjoying your adventure..I am so proud of you…. keep up the stories…. Sending you big hugs xoxoxo

    1. Darling woman hello! I have hoped that your studies are going ok bet you’re enjoying the break over Christmas – Really good to hear from you and thankyou for your very kind words – It is an adventure and I quite often think of that chat you me and Chris had close to me finishing. Life unfolds doesn’t it? – It’s such a gift to be here and into it – Keep in touch and love to you, and give Chris a big hug from me xxxxxxxxxxx

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