Post # 36 Temples of Angkor

Day 42 1038 days to go. Distance: today 82km total 2222km . It’s 4.45pm wednesday 11/1/2012 Banteay Srei. I’m sitting in front of my favorite temple by far. Lonely planet calls it the art gallery of Angkor and it is. It’s a jewel. A Hindu temple dedicated to shiva cut from pinkish sandstone that glows this time of day giving perfect compliment to the finest stone carvings seen on earth. Shiva is the hindu deity. The exquisite detail of these carvings is jaw dropping and it’s beyond comprehension that it is carved let alone carved in stone. It’s crazy. The designs are very feminine and delicate clearly for a chick to which the pink hues accessorize perfectly. The temple dates back to 967AD and the gemstone in my books. But then again I’m a chick 🙂 This morning started perfect with a Skype date with my partner I love Skype. Then I booked my seat on the 6.30am return bus to phenom phen Friday and found where the main bus station is different to where I arrived. Next I found the post office to send my postcard friend Robbie her Cambodian one x my last ‘have to’ was to but some tinidazole antibiotics as I most likely have guardia bug going by the symptoms which are very specific as anyone who’s had it will know eeek. After this I headed back to Angkor watt to check out the temple. It was such a treat just to wonder and explore this crowd pleaser. It’s so massive there’s heaps of spots on the far sides away from the tourist route you can just sit and take it in. The sandstone blocks from which Angkor watt was built were floated down the seim reap river on rafts. When you see the size and PprocOye the weight each stone must weight this is mind blowing considering the labour and era this feat was achieved. The temple has three stories the first being galleries of wall impressions and Buddha statues. the second and third stories are domed each with towers shaped like lotus buds. The stairs to the central temple measuring 50m are deliberately steep because reaching the kingdom of the gods should never be an easy task. I’ve had so much relaxed fun today with a good ride out here this arv through tree lined backroads and small villages. The villages are selling creaming palm sugar boiled on wok shaped urns on the roadside over a fire in clay made kiln. It looks as great as it tastes and I scored a huge tub for $1. It tastes like crystal used honey yum. I had to stop at another tiny stall with an extended family sitting by their half dozen bunches of bananas which I relieved them of 1 for 50c and a group photo. We all had giggles trying to squeeze in the 3 generations and me but managed just. It’s been such a cool day loving it and the space here in the late afternoon light tops it. Tomorrow I have a couple of options where to head and will decide later over dinner. There will definitely be choice sun rise and sunset spots to end what’s been an epic visit to ancient Angkor. Talk soon x ps the police man on guard duty let me in the ropes area to take the last of my pickies good cop story nice. Bit of a long headtorch ride home but worth it x

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2 thoughts on “Post # 36 Temples of Angkor

  1. Hey Maree. Just spent the last 2 hours reading all your posts from pre the new year. – courtesy of Telstra, no computer. I was withdrawing from your blog and wondering how you were going. Much of what you are entering now was the journey Kari and I took for a month. We went largely from the south to the north of Vietnam. Also some mixed experiences. I can relate to the emotional highs and lows and what you describe as “challenges”. Some experiences are not pretty hey…. Good to read you and Rube are doing well. Hope you get over your gardia bug quickly and looking forward to the photos …. stay safe. Eileen

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