Post # 39 Phenom Phen

Day 45 1035 days to go. Distance: today 0 total 2326. it’s 8.15pm Saturday the 14/1/2012 phenom phen. It’s been a logistics day today bringing together the timings for Vietnam and china and it looks like it can work with what I want to do at least on paper which is the place to start. It’s pretty much taken the day to sort out but happy I have myself this time. Tonight I am still fighting with the Internet to ensure the photos are uploaded before moving on to Vietnam. I have no idea why it is taking so long already hours spent and I’m so over it. Anyway worth it when done but the last day of temples may have to wait. Also the blog has uploaded the photos all out of order again I don’t know why but if some appear of of sequence that’s why. Enjoy what photos are there and I’ll sort out the rest when I’m in a more Internet friendly place. Head tomorrow towards Vietnam and will cross the border at chow doc on the 16/1/2012. Talk soon x

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One thought on “Post # 39 Phenom Phen

  1. Hi Maree- following your adventure-Awesome!(but never surprised at your ability to cope with what ever is thrown your way).I will write to your email address at yahoo for some privacy (if that’s the way to do it?)Keep safe
    Marina B.

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