Post # 55 Hue (day 2)

Day 67 1013 days to go. Distance today: ‘very little’ km total 3752km. It’s early o’clock Sunday 5/2/2012 Hue (day 2). I’m still comfy in bed num prrring feet content. Do you ever do that? Rub your feet when you’re content, I don’t even realize I do it and it feels like purring, goodness sidetracked and I haven’t even started 😉 I hope this Sunday finds you well and enjoying the last of the weekend, I’ve been re-reading the posts and emails from the last week while still in bed….. nice!!!! I thought I’d start with sharing a copy of an email exchange I had with my middle sister. This was a significant time for me and has impacted on the art of my travels 101 big time. It includes the wise man story proper not my abridged version and I think it’s worth sharing for what it may offer others as well. I’ve squeezed heaps of good stuff from it 🙂 I’ll update the blog when I find an Internet cafe later in the day so this is just a taste for starts. Ps the temple bells across the city are being rung and it’s a beautiful calling. Earlier it was the song birds welcoming dawn, Perfect start to the day.

>On Tue, Jan 31, 2012 7:06 PM AEDT Janet wrote

Hi cutes,
I’m trying to find some Vietnames phrases you could say when necessary but it’s tricky! Maybe the boys could help you out here in French! Could be more of a help throughout Asia! I’m sure there are people in every country that take advantage when a person is at a weak moment, incredable how they can sense it! But it’s hard to keep a sense of humour when your the bait and resistence is down. Don’t forget how many miles you’ve put behind you since crossing the border, tough going physically, mentaly and on the nerves! Pace yourself ……..and take lots of pauses to maintain balance and enjoyment .

I stumbled on a forum about annoyances in Vietnam. The author was sick of being hassled: “I find it hard to truly embrace a country where I am never left alone.” But I liked this reply “The wise man sits under a tree, near the gates to the city of Athens. A traveller comes along, and asks the wise man: “What are the people of Athens like?” The wise man asks in reply: “Where are you coming from? What were the people like there?” The traveller replies: “Oh, I’ve just come from Thebes – the people there are usually straight with you if you are with them.” The wise man looks at him and says: “I think you’ll find the people here are more or less the same, you won’t have anything to worry about.”

Another traveller comes along, and asks the same question. Again, the wise man asks in reply: “Where are you coming from? What were the people like there?” The traveller replies: “I’ve just come from Sparta – I’m afraid the people there are tricky and deceitful, you can’t do business with them.” The wise man looks at him and says: “I’m sorry to tell you but I think you’ll find the people here are more or less the same.”

On Thu, Feb 2, 2012 11:12 AM AEDT Maree STEPHENSON wrote:

“,,,,,,I can’t agree more with this message it’s so spot on with my experience that I get back what I give and preconceptions based on the experience with another, can easily steer the way I behave if I let it. I’m really happy to be reminded of this. I also like what the size man said about finding people the same here, it’s the ‘same same but different’ theory depending on the person having the experience. If I keep me open and constant then positive experiences keep on keeping on and I move through hiccups and onto the next cool encounter. The other thing I see important is staying open to and looking for, the little things that make up the cool stuff. If I wait for it to happen I’ll spend my time ‘waiting for goddo.’This is an old play I remember studying at teachers college that makes far more sense nowadays. Thank you so much for this food for thought. I feel rested and can see the last days for what they were and that’s me tired and cranky and shut down. The Vietnamese are both same same and unique and the volume of people to be respected. I keep thinking back to 7 000 000 on Laos and 70 000 000 in Thailand non comparable.,,,,”

Have a happy Sunday. Talk again soon x

It’s 2.00pm Sunday the 5/2/2012. I’m having such a nice day. Ás you know thís mỏrning I wỏke early to bỉrds and bells. I checked my email and yay néws from big sister. She sounds euphorically happy with her birthday celebrations continuing over days which is perfectly spoiling and endulgent I love it!!. Multi-day bỉrthdays ảre the bést. At 7.30am it worked to have a skype with Ma and Pa and we had a huge 2hour session. Our puppies are still holidaying with their Nânâ and Grandad and at their angelic best so I hear J mmmmmm not quite the puppíes I know and love but thẻy have ús all wrapped around their medium and small paws and rightly so. I love hearing stories about them and picturing their antics and shânanaghans. Dad was going to look further into the History for Hue particularly the age òf the emperial citidel so I’ll update with this info when I get it from Pops x. I then played with rube and clêaned and adjusted her cables and bits. Leslie gave rube a redwood carved buđha for her naming ceremony and its now attached to her handlebars. I also secured some dense foam to her grips for more hand rest protection. Then it was my turn and I showered and trimmed the hair a little less wayward. You may have seen commént from Linda. Linda works with Jackie my hairdresser at Laurels Beauty Salon Sandgate. She’s my best supporter and been hinting of late that a self trim’s in order. Just for you Linda x She prints out every blog and puts it in a folder for Jackie and anyone else to read at the salon. How cool is that. I have a skype date with my partner at 4.30pm so between now and then I’ll have another ride round Hue. I’m so glad I stayed the extra day to feel better organised to head tômorrow. Hope your Sunday was also happily spent. Talk soon x    

PS A rat just ran under my feet mmmmmmmmmm ;-0

PPs Info back from Pops on Hue ưhat a jet plane fella xxxxxxx

This is what I found when I googled “History of Hue Vietnam”
“there is a beautiful juxtaposition of ancient and recent history in modern Hue. In every facade of society the eventful past has left its mark. Issues like national identity, International relations or politics are tinged with the history of Hue.  In the city’s landscape every sign is worth a question.
Before the birth of Christ, this region was part of the Nam Viet empire.  At that time it was under the realm of Champa which had reigned over this territory for seventeen centuries.  In the Thirteen hundred’s the king of Champa handed the region over to the Vietnamese.  The name Hue originated from the mispronunciation of the term Hoa, came into being in 1307, after the Champa King Jaya Sinhavarman the Third had handed over this city to Vietnam for his getting married to a princess of the Tran dynasty. 
In the year 1687 Hue Region was chosen by the Nguyen Lord to be the political centre of Dang Trong. This political centre was then turned to be the capital of the whole country by the Tay Son Dynasty.
In the Nineteenth century, Hue was the Capital of the Nguyen Dynasty.  This period has produced some of the most beautiful buildings in the city including the Citadel.  Since 1883 the region was under French Colonial rule.  At the beginning of the Nineteenth Century, Gia Long, the first Emperor of the Nguyen Dynasty, carried out a large – scale planning and new construction making Hue the Capital of the whole country.
Proceeding towards modern times, in 1945 Hue emerged as the centre of the August Revolution.  During this time Communist and National forces dethroned the last Nguyen King.  After the division of the country, due to its strategic position, Hue, as part of South Vietnam was the central battle ground during the Vietnam War.  The signs of the devastating war can been seen today in the historical buildings and temples, many of which were seriously damaged by the bombing.
The City was the heart of the fierce fighting between South and North Vietnamese and American troops during the Tet offensive.  The National Liberation Front snatched the victory and got the City back in 1975.”
XXXXXXXX Love    Pops:-h wave

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