Post # 60 Dien Chau

Day 72 1008 days to go. Distance : today 60km total 4166. It’s 8.05pm Friday 10/2/2012 Dien Chau. The issue: ‘Animals and meat – there is a difference.’ When animals are alive they are a life and should be treated as such. When animals are killed they become meat and are treated as meat. They should not be treated as meat until they are killed. The meat feeds us and the animal deserves our respect for its ultimate gift. Does anyone disagree with this? So don’t accept anything less. Animal cruelty for our consumption is not acceptable. I ask that you watch the movie ‘Temple Grandin.’ It will open doors to better perspective on this issue I promise you. True Buddhists give thanks for the life that was the meat they eat. This is not a soap box quite the contrary. Soapboxes are boring and usually not heard. This is just food for our thought- pardon the pun 🙂 talk soon x

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4 thoughts on “Post # 60 Dien Chau

    1. you’ll love it – It’s a true story about a woman with autism it’s amazing – i ot to see the making of it which showed the real person who was very involved in the makiing starring Clare Danes Love to you guys x

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