Post # 65 Hanoi

Day 77 1003 days to go. Distance: today 121km total 4551km. It’s 9.05pm Wednesday 15/2/2012 Hanoi. Can you believe it, as I cycled out of Cuc Phuong National Park this morning it started raining. Was I meant to be at CucPhuong or what? It stopped raining as I arrived and started as soon I left. I just think that’s so great. Thank you mother nature. I soaked up all I could over the 2 days. You even let me pack my gear up this morning without raining on me, you rock!!!! Rube and I had a long cycle to Hanoi rained the whole way and we were very wet muddy girls. We looked like something that crawled out of the black lagoon blink blink. Swamp monsters both of us but I think Rube’s trailer topped us all. We all needed a serious hosing before arriving and asking to stay someone. About 10km from town I spotted a car detailer or the Vietnamese version of one at least. It’s a popular money maker to clean mopeds and vehicles and the occasional bicycle and the very occasional Aussie. So for $2 we got de-dirtied. Perfect!!!! I would have taken a pre/post photo if I had thought but we were on a mission and serious filthy factor going on ๐Ÿ™‚ We dripped our way into Hanoi and found a hotel for $12 a night such a bargain. I was headed for the hostel and just thought I’d chefck at a few places. Mostly they were $20-25 as the Lonely Planet had said for a similar standard where Ive been staying. This one or some reason was cheaper and wifi so I’m blissfully happy yay. We’re in a bit of a seedy area but it’s colorful ๐Ÿ™‚ Two nights now in Hanoi apparently the jewel of south east asia so we’ll get into it tomorrow. Not before a skype date with my partner at 7am yayayayayayayayaya. It took me 1 1/2 hours to clean the clothes from the last days. Ive set up one of the tent ropes and got the ceiling fan on so we’re in industrial cleaning mode. We’re in excellent spirits from he last couple of days and ready for Hanoi. Nothing like some environmental therapy to top up the soul awesome. Looking forward to sharing Hanoi with you. One of my jobs tomorrow is to upload the photos from the last days so I’m onto it. Time for dinner. Big bowel of 2 minute noodles yum. Talk soon x

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