Post # 69 Bai Chay – Halong Bay

Day 82 998 days to go. Distance: today 92km total 4878km. It’s 9.10pm Monday 20/2/2012 Bai Chay (Halong Bay). You know providing we were given asome teething years I think I could have a relationship with Vietnam. Contrary to our squabbles we’re growing on each other. Vietnam challenges me and although this has its unconfortable moments, it stretches the good stuff that counts. Another revelation… I have discovered coconut candies…oh my I’m chewing on one right now superbo-delishimo except its stuck in my tooth… Here’s my Vietnamese winge for the day….. They can’t signpost to save themselves!!!!!! I left the hotel at 8am and got out of Haiphong at 10.30am spitooing the most colourful language. Asking directions unfortunately didn’t help with dodgy points all from women who are off my Christmas card list. Dribble aside I actually spent 47km today having no idea where I was and following finger points which eventually got us here. I didn’t hook up with the highway until 52km later. Up to then I was on a back road even managed a ferry crossing from where to where your guess is as good as mine. It made for some interesting times today that’s for sure. It’s not my favourite space being lost but I knew I was headed to Halong according to the locals so I rolled with it. I met some cool lads on the ferry crossing. They were giving me a hard time to start with until I smashed them back. After a few shocked faces they laughed and we shared some friendly space. So that’s what I have to do. Give them shi#. I can do that. 21 years in the police service mostly with men refined that skill set 🙂 The ride into Halong was good once on the highway. The scenery soon changed and the limestone karst country started literally popping up behind the rice fields. The sun even came out, a bit hazy but out nonetheless. According to lonely planet, Halong means ‘where the dragon descends into the sea. Legend says that the islands of Halong Bay were created by a great dragon that lived in the mountains. As it ran towards the coast, it’s flailing tail gouged out valleys and crevases as it plunged into the sea, the areas dug up by its tail became filled with water, leaving only pockets of highland visible. ‘ This time of year (February to April) is usually cold and drizzly but today was ok and forecast the same tomorrow so everything crossed. I have a 6hr boat trip booked – it’s pretty budget but hey I’m there and that’s what counts. There’s a comment on the blog from a friend of mine who has travelled this area. Eileen added ‘were told the area used to be full of household rubbish from people living in their boats on the bay, until they bought in a system to pay the locals by the boat load of collected rubbish. Now it’s a world listed pristine national park!’ Halong city is an odd set up. It’s all touristy on one side and Vietnamese on the other joined by a huge suspension bridge. Being a tourist destination everythings a bit more expensive. There’s a photo of one of the accomodation options I found 🙂The budget isn’t that desperate yet. It has got a kinda meteora Greek mystic about it don’t you think? xxxxx I headed out tonight to have a look around hence the late post. Of course one look at the bridge and had to be ontop. So I found my way there and back without getting too lost. Great views and photos. I’m very happy to be here and looking forward to seeing what we can tomorow. Be talking very soon. This is a pretty cool place to spend the last days with Vietnam. Talk soon x

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4 thoughts on “Post # 69 Bai Chay – Halong Bay

  1. Hi girls, you’ve had one stressful time keeping all your bits together. But once again you did what you could with what you could get your hands on and now you’re in Bai Chay, incredible to believe! Enjoy tomorrow on the bay.
    Evan says thankyou Aunty Ree for the mail and keep a look out for those falling stars!

    1. Thankyou Sfessie and Nephie, we will and who knows we may have a clear night tonight if our luck holds up for some star gazing. Will update the blog with how the day goes. We leave at 9am. x

    1. oh I left this story out – This is what I first found when looking for accomodation options in Halong. The budget isn’t that desperate yet. It has got a kinda meteora mystic about it don’t you think? xxxxx

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