Post # 89 Nanyue

Day 103 887 days to go. Distance: today ‘nudda’ total still 6216km. It’s 4.15pm Monday 12/3/2012 Nanyue. I’ve stayed another day here to catch up on some rest and email my posts to my sister. I had been waiting for wifi access but its been too long in between so I’ve spent the time re-typing the posts from the ipod. Good time spent and an easy way to spend a rest day. It’s been kinda cool re-reading over the last days. I went down this morning to say hi to the folk in their shop. He wasnt there but she sat me down and gave me cake and then headed off with a bowl. Shortly after she returned with a savoury rice porridge with small pieces of mushroom, ginger, enschallots and seaweed tossed through. I wouldnt saddle up to bowls of it but it was very caring and generous of her to start my day right 🙂 The cake tasted better so Ive saved that for desert tonight. I had planned two shorter days to Chengdu but will cover ther distance tomorrow afetr a good break today. It was moreso about catching up on the posts while I had good internet connection and enjoy some chats with my partner which have been special. Ive also been able to attach my photos to emails the first time since leaving Nanning so I have forwarded heaps onto the family to enjoy and maybe upload some into the blog. It’s 4.30pm now so Im going to do a bit of ‘have to’ shopping before another date at 6pm. Talk soon x   

I have hope and expectation
in people with the basics
to think outside the ego
and act on good and right
Where’s out children\s future
if we’re accepting of the lessor.
We owe it to our blessings
to make new ordinary.
Let us use our opportunities
to strive for extraordinary.
Stand and work together
far from complacency.


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"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you've imagined.' H D Thoreau

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