Post # 96 Jingzhou

Day 110 621 days to go. Distance: today 33km total 6749km. It’s 6pm 19/3/2012 small town 5km south of Jingzhou. Those 33kms were hard earnt. The weather nose dived today so quickly it really caught us off gaurd. It was a bit fresh to start today but every morning is. Then is started drizzling and the temp dropped to what who knows but at one stage I ended up on this back road a bit lost and the road was icy and Rube had a little skiddy. ‘Good recovery Mav; I told her but we were quite releived to get back on the main road after the little detour. I was cold but coping ok as we have the right gear. But 5 km outside of Jinghou I wasnt sure which way to go as the expressway was crossing our route and the folk kept wanting to put me on the expressway where bikes arent allowed I tried to be sneaky at one stage getting a bit desperate but we were told to go back. I went back and forth over the expressway a few too many times and started getting exposure a feeling I know all too well bugger. At least I recognise it nowadays and no choice time to stop. So I took the road into a small town on the outskirts and stopped to ask for a hotel.
The family sent their son in the car to lead me to the only hotel in town very happy with that. Wxpensive at 100 yen but I didnt care at that point. It wasnt long before I was out of the wet gear and getting some blood back to the brain and extremities. Unfortunately I have a bit of a didgy tummy starting last night so that didnt help fight the cold today. No wonder I was grizzly last night which is a classic sign Im not feeling the best. Cold and getting sick go hand in hand for me I hate it but we’re dealing. So tomorrow Rube and I catch a bus  200km east to Wuhan to pick up the 107highway all the way to Beijing. It puts us further away from the hills so when the weather goes crap hopefully it donest drop to below zero – I really want to make it through to Beijing if we can so we’re giving ourselves every chance. If it doesnt work plan B is to bus to Xian so its a good opt out if necessary. I so dont do freezing eeeeow!!! Moving sideways doesn’t loose too much cred with respect to doing the distance so I dont feel like we’re cheating which is important. Time to head back to the hotel and get under the blankies for an early one. Talk soon x

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2 thoughts on “Post # 96 Jingzhou

  1. Hi there,
    look after yourself Ree. Ruby might be looking hot in chinese red but she still needs you to kick start her! Sleep tight, and safe travel, the both of you, to Wuhan tomorrow. See how you feel. And when all’s good we wish you both a good start north from Wuhan. XXX

  2. Wow, you met the right bloke Maree…that food looks delicious! Totally enjoying reading about all your travels and the people you meet and sights along the way. If you are still feeling wonky don’t forget to grab some ginger and boil up a pot of ginger tea with honey, lemon and cinnamon!

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