Post # 101 Luohe

Day 115 616 days to go. Distance today 135km total 7082km. It’s 9pm Saturday 24/3/2012 Luohe. I woke this morning and stuck my hed outside and oh my…… blue skies!!!!!!! China continues to be a beautiful experience but today it looked beautiful. It made me realise how my sisters, who live in Germany, must feel come the spring skies out of the European winter. They have spoken about it often enough how energising it is and today I got a taste of that energy. I felt like dancing!!!!
Ruby was….. She stayed in the room last night and pushed past me when I opened the door to shake her red thangs. It was a total pleasure to cycle today. We were just in this idit grin space so happy about everything but nothing specific. We did 135km and none of it was anything but awesome just to be out amongst it!!! I stopped for a break in a town and was sitting in the sun and I swear I got some colour on my legs. It could have been dirt and since washing it probably was dirt but that’s not the point…. 🙂 We had four stops today just by the side of the road looking at fields and goats and rivers and it was just all too nice. Happy girls. The funny thing is I know I can wake in the mornng and itll be the way I know it to be but for now Im kinda in an afterglow and going to enjoy that while it lasts. Distance wise its been awesome to blast out some good kms over the last days to manage those incidentals around the corner. I would so like to peddle into Beijing. It’s a real milestone for both of us so we’re giving ourselves every chance. Speaking of milestones… We passed the 7000km mark today yay. Also we’re under the 900km to Beijing double yay.  🙂
The whole day was a highlight. We arrived Luohe and on the outskirts of town I saw a bunch of trucks stopped which was our calling card. We pulled in and asked a truckee fella and he pointed me to here. From the outside its very untidy and tired looking and the halls leading to the rooms are worse. He opened the door and I nearly fell over – its the most upmarket truckee room Ive seen with its own bathroom, aircon, flat screen tv and a computer in the room. All for 60 yen can you believe it!!! Great chance to clean my gear which was disgraceful and now it smells like roses and drying in front of the aircon. I polished myself up and had a hot date with my partner on yahoo chat since then. 
Ive got some wonderful feedback with respect to Post # 97 Xiaogan when I spent the afternoon with Qiang Long, the Chinese fella from the navy. It’s very cool for me to hear that you have enjoyed that particular post as much as I enjoyed that day. He is a special man and Ive since got an email from him. He hopes I ‘can have good time in China’ and sends ‘best wishes and take my regards to you family.’ How cools that!!!! He also clarified that in China they put their family name in front of their given names so its a bit confusing if you dont know this. Itd be like saying, Hi Stephenson…… mmmmmm not a good idea so Ill remember that tip 🙂 It’s time for some calories. Talk soon x 

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One thought on “Post # 101 Luohe

  1. it’s so unexpected….who would have thought you’re adventures would lead to such a bonding thing with the truckies of Asia!

    Love the shot at “the memorable 898km marker to Beijing”.

    Congratulations, 7000kms! Those are alot of ks since December! But haven’t they brought you to some incredible experiences?……..and the road continues north…………

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