Post# 104 Anyan

Day 118 613 days to go. Distance: today 105km total 7412km.

It’s 6.15pm Tuesday 27/3/2012 Anyan. Well just south but I dont have my map with me for the name but we’re 15km out. We’ve had such a nice day. It’s been warm and sunny and a bit of a head wind but totally manageable just a bit weiry tonight so a short post. Im at an internet cafe and able to upload the post from last night and photos from the last days which is great. The folk here love to sweep the sides of the roads from dirt and do so regiously.

 I passed this very creative investion to move the street sweepers into the new mellenium and had to get a picky. It made me smile but worked a treat!! The sun was hot enough today for sunscreen isnt that great and I feel so much more at home and happy to be amongst it. Although the trees are still bare it definately has a spring feel. Lots of planting is going on in the fields and hand feeding the soil with fertilisers which make for interesting smells along the way. I passed this road side stall that was selling hand made pocket breads filled with a fried egg mix for 2 yen. ‘Ill take two thanks!!!’ only managed one for lunch so the others for dinner yay!!

The folk were really friendly and very entertained and interested in our set up and of course the girl. The Wuhan cycling association flag is getting lots of attention and a real hit with the folk yay. It all helps to make for good interaction so we both love it!! The town we at tonight has an old town. I stumbled across it accidently out looking for a bank and other choirs this arv. It’s beautiful all functioning shops no tourism just a well preserved old quarter.

I just had to buy some bickies from one of the shops for tomorrow’s snacking 🙂 I stopped to ask if there was an internet cafe and this jolly lady was wonderful. I could have given her the biggest hug. This young girl came up who could speak a handful of English and we had a lovely interaction sharing stories and enjoyng her colorful character. She gave me an apple which Ill feast on when done here. I had to do some shopping and top up on coffee so Im yet to have my afternoon coffee over sending the spot message. That’s very serious so Im off for the sake of keeping to my schedule. Actually Im hanging out for a coffee so please excuse me. Great day. Talk soon x

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