Post # 122 Ulaanbaatar

Day 153 578 days to go. Distance: today 21km total 8288 km. Its 7pm 1/5/2012 Ulaanbaatar. And I thought it was just a woman’s prerogative to change our mind. Shangshinbai however now wants to leave on Thursday 3/5 so Thursday it is. He has a hot date with his friend tonight so it works better for Thursday which suits me perfect with another day to enjoy some relaxed space between now and then yay. I had such a great sleep last night away from the rowdy rabble that continued into the night again. The ear plugs worked a treat and I dreamt of open plains and blue skies. I set the alarm in time for a Skype chat with the folks to start the day off beautifully. It was great. I got to hear lots more detail about their tripping onwards from Beijing including Xian which sounded awesome. It was a beautiful UB day here and Miss J and Blue dog wanted to go shopping. So we packed up and headed downtown for a supermarket fix and some last minute ‘essentials’ like lollies and coffee yay πŸ™‚ Apparently it’s really handy to have candies on board for folk at gers as a thank you for their hospitality. I hope they last as Ruby has a very sweet tooth. Oppsy that’s right she hasn’t got a mouth. Ok so it’s me with the sweet tooth bugga caught out bi time. I won’t hear the end of tht one for a while πŸ™‚ Shangshinbai and I had a GPS session until ‘over it’ o’clock and time to get down and dirty with Rube. It was overtime for a fast ride and fresh air under our wings. Shangshinbai wasn’t missing out so ‘I come too’ turned into a couple hours of big fun. We found some cool offroads in the hills round town that lead to the monument hill as a turnaround point. I was on a big smile high with the endorphins and had a run up the stairs while the ol’ fella enjoyed a smoke and waited with the bikes. We raced each other back to the guesthouse fun big time like two kids on their pushies. It was the perfect way to clear the head and cobwebs after a few hard days at it. I had a skype date this arv and will sneak another in tomorrow which is perfectly greedy yay. I think Ive mentioned my partner is an IT guru and has figured out how to simply transfer the Lonely Planet PDFs from memory stick to iPod. So that’s me tonight transferring the chapters through to Turkey. This means about 2 kilos of books I don’t have to carry yay big hip hip hooray yayayaya. I’m heading now to the internet cafe to email myself the PDFs and upload the handful of photos from the last days. We moved back to the dorm tonight which has been cleaned fresh and sparkling With Shangshinbai out for the evening it’s just me, Blue dog and Miss J. A nice space to have a quiet potter. Talk soon x

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One thought on “Post # 122 Ulaanbaatar

  1. Ree, on the road again!!!!!!!!!!! Keep those wheels cycling…..we are there with you all the way. Hello Shangshinbai…..go well

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