Post #125 15km west Erdenesant.

Day 157 574 days to go. Distance today 85km total 8538km. It’s 9pm Saturday 5/5/2012 15km west Erdenesant. I’m sitting here on the tent bag in front of our campsite looking at an incredibly full yellow moon. The goats from the ger we found have just come in from the day and the noise of hungry babies trying to find their mother and the herd settling is soo wonderfully loud!! Farmers keep the babies aside as the rest of the herd go and graze for the day. By the time they return in the evening it’s on!! Demanding baby goats by the dozens are just the best sound so amplified in the valley. It’s a wide huge expanse of country and we’ve been spoilt by its blue skies and challenged by its open plains and hills. The ger folk welcomes us with warmed cows milk and a soft cheese that tasted like parmesan yum. The family have each visited over the course of the last hours checking us out and sharing friendly conversation about ‘who knows but it doesn’t matter.’ There’s three boofy dogs that look so vicious but are just big puppies happy to hang out with us in the campsite. In the cool of the evening folk put on a colored over dress pulled in the waist with a sash and leather outer ugg boots. The goats all paired now with their mothers are being led closer to the ger. The women were so busy when the herd first arrived carrying babies under each arm helping them find their mother. The mix of cries and sneezes are hilarious. They are so busy and clearly all in a days life here in Mongolia. People can set up the ger anywhere without permission and keep their herd on the land. It’s a true nomadic philosophy in practice. It appears many keep a semi permanent residence. I saw today a group of about 5 golden eagles soaring overhead as we headed out of Erdenesant. I tried to get a photo but was too busy squealing and enjoying the moment. What an incredible sight and these birds are every bit as huge as yo imagine so a group of them was overwhelming. By the amount of goat pellets around out campsite we’re in a clearing where they like to graze. By the amount of protesting sneezes they’re not impressed. Of course it’s a nice grassy patch good for grazing and camping so tonight they have to share. Today was again beautiful but tough going and mentally soo hard. I had a good dose of electrolyte at lunch to get through the arv but very tidey wides tonight. I could even be cranky except there’s nothing to be cranky about J The country so far has blown me away for its remote beauty and wild open expanse. I am very fortunate to be here and feel every bit how special this place is. Blue dog and Miss J joined me today on Rube and despite getting a bit sunburnt they loved it!! J More sunblock for all of us tomorrow. My new hat with the face and neck cover is working a total treat despite looking like a dick. Camo of all colors!!!!! J Talk soon x

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One thought on “Post #125 15km west Erdenesant.

  1. Look at that, even your tent is round!
    Whether it’s bitumen or dirt those roads are long and straight.
    The photos are beautiful. Keep it coming! XXX

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