Post # 129 80km west of Tsetserleg

Day 160 571 days to go. Distance: today 62 total 8742km. It’s 9pm Tuesday 8/5/2012 80km west of Tsetserleg. It’s sooooo windy and cold this evening. I’m tucked in my tent cosy and keen for an early night. It’s nice to be out of the weather which is nuts outside. We’re at 1600m staying at a ger up in the valley about 2km from the road. They are a friendly family. I’m not sure who’s who. There’s an older woman who could be the mother. She’s 57 and a younger man about mid forties. They have a five year little girl, a young lad early twenties and another older man with a disability say in his early 30s. The woman invited us in for a bowl of hot milk. The father arrived home soon after and we all had some milky lamb noodles served with chunks of home made parmesan cheese. All mixed up it tasted pretty good after the ride today. It made me giggle when the father put tomato sauce all over his. It’s the ‘makes everything taste good’ philosophy that I told Kang was very Australian. The family then came to our campsite and I brewed them a coffee and showed off my family photos. We thanked them for their hospitality with some candy, fruit and noodles. The family have visited us during the evening and had a ride on Kang’s bike. Kang then took the motor cycle for a spin and we took some pickies which they loved. Photos are such a great hit. Today’s ride was through beautiful rolling green hills with valleys and rivers and grazing herds. We got to enjoy it with an awesome tail wind which was big fun. It was a later start as I got to go to the internet cafe which was great. A bit tricky to find but eventually got pointed to the right building, up a flight of stairs, down a corridor and into a tiny room with four terminals. So tucked away but super fast computer speed perfect for downloading photos. The internet gives me such a sense of connection and I value it big time. Time for bed for an early start. Talk soon x


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