Post # 139 UB (4 sleeps)

Day 170 561 days to go. Distance: today: 0 km total 8862 km. It’s 10pm Friday 18/ 5/2012 UB. Awesome awesome day and I am in a place of bliss, excitement, content and happy happy home in 4 sleeps πŸ™‚ Today was a beautiful day in UB with blue skies and a bit more chilly at 7 degrees but the grape’s all over those temps these days. I did some checks this morning into excess fees for Korean airlines compared to postal costs. Posting my gear up to 20kgs is less than half the costs of airline fees. $250 USD for 20kgs vs $35 USD per kilo over (20kg baggage limit). I’m also allowed 12 kg hand luggage which is a huge amount. Add this up and we should manage to check in without much more $. I was then into sorting hand luggage,stuff to post and what to include in Rube’s box. She’s packed up so comfy with lots of foam to look after her sensitive bits and keep her cosy πŸ™‚ Her trailer’s been stripped and padded and just needs a good clean now to get through customs in Aus. Doesn’t that sound good… Aus (4 sleeps 4 sleeps). The guesthouse man has offered to take us to the airport about 18km away for T20000 ($15). This is fabulous because the traffic in UB is not fabulous and a fixed price is perfect. I’m trying get rid of all my torog constructively as you can’t exchange it out of the country. I’ve just got back from the shops where I bought some essentials like tape for Rube’s box and bread and honey for me πŸ™‚ There’s some T tucked aside to upload the last of my photos. It’s such a great feeling packing everything up knowing it will be back in use soon enough. Just some rest and TLC first up for us all. There was lots of + pampering vibes exchanged with our kit while I packed. It has worked so well for us keeping us safe and sound for 170 days. I had a beautiful skype with my partner and parents this arv sharing the excitement of seeing each other vvvvvvvvv soon (4 sleeps in fact πŸ™‚ Am I pushing the friendship? Oh well just enjoy the euphoric prelude ride with me for a bit more longer. Natural highs are so cool and this one’s one of the extra goodies. After skyping I headed back to the post office and sent off the box of gear. The staff were really patient and helpful to get it sorted. There’s some items they won’t accept like medication, tools and knives and anything metal. I came back with a bit of stuff but nothing concerning. Overall Rube and I and our main kit bits will be on our way back home (pssssssst in 1,2,3….4 sleeps!!!!). Had to sneak one more in before going to find that honey. Dinner didn’t happen tonight but it worked out not having to be anywhere and pottering on with stuff. Happy day. Talk soon x


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