Theaussiechallenge Post # 6 Granite Creek

Day 6 164 days to go. Distance: today 65km total 525km. It’s 5pm Thursday 12/7/2012 Granite Creek. Firstly I want to wish my ‘Cous Ruth a happy birthday. Hope you’re having a great day. Secondly I want to ask you all to consider ways you may like to support us by raising some serious cash. We need your help if we’re going to reach the $14500 target. Im going to aim for $10 a day but that still leaves allot of donations to come in from you fine folk. So put the thinking caps on and see what ideas unfold. You’ll in turn need the help of your networks to gather a momentum and cash for k’s for white ribbon. LET US KNOW WHAT YOU COME UP WITH!!!!!. Jackie and Linda and the hairdressing folk at Sandgate Laurels are having a donations tin. White ribbon don’t usually do donation tins but have agreed to trial one for Laurels to see how it goes. Well done!!!!

So about today. I’ve just been talking to a young couple Allison and Ian. They are on their way through to Rocky and stopped to give their little 1 year old a break. He spent the time with dad splashing and stomping in the muddy puddles. It was so lovely both boys giggling. They’ve headed back on the road now but not before Ian did an oath up yay. Puddles are definitely one positive from the rain. The rain’s apparently pretty widespread across northern Qld and I heard today even Emerald got 50mm o/n. Ive met a couple of folk today heading south to try and find dryer tootsies. That’s a change as most of the travellers are southerners escaping the winter chill bills. Ive been talking to John from Mt Beauty, NSW. This time of year his wife goes skiing and he goes fishing. He’s a retiree originally from Maleny. What a small world being our home nowadays. John’s a very articulate interesting fella and used to be a tank cleaner in and around Maleny. It was cool listening him share some local history. Maleny like other small towns have a system called LETS where people with skills trade their time for other produce or services. So you could be a guitar teacher and trade it for some local produce. Interesting hey? It’s been in place for about 20 years. Also Maleny originally hosted the folk festival now held in Woodford between Boxing and New Years Day each year. It used to be held in the show grounds around 30 years ago. I can’t wait to take my sister there this year when they visit from Germany at Christmas yayayayayaya. Big fun to come Kittie!! I scored another oath from John before him and his little pooch Miffy headed back to the van for some early dinner. Although we only did 65km today it was well well well earnt with undulating and steep hills the entire stretch from Gin Gin. But Rube and I just got into it. There was a shift of acceptance and I think the far wiser heart stepped in and took control of the challenge. We’re over the 500km mark now and well under way. The first days were like a horse bolting home but in reverse. It was emotionally tough to put a physical distance between us and fam. We’ve had such a beautiful holiday at home but now it’s time for fun business.

We stopped about 12.30ish for lunch and waited for the heavy rain to ease up. We’re still waiting. Like a fella said just before, ‘I think she’s set in for a bit!!’ No shi# Sherlock!!!! He was a young lad really friendly and offered us a ride but was heading south as tempting as it was. The only real problem is that my stinky wet gear had become a health risk for humanity 🙂 So to avoid being a threat to the ozone I stripped and washed the gear and set up a line to see what can dry o/n. Little chance there as its so humid with beads of moisture on everything under the shelter. My fingers are still prunes and look a right aged fright. All that aside at least it all smells better now and even if its damp I won’t risk death tomorrow wearing it all again. We’ve juggled the kms again and tomorrow will (hopefully) stay at the next rest stop at Calliope near Gladstone. After that it’s Stanton west of Rocky where ‘Thea and Graham’ live. I sent them a text saying it should be Sat when we arrive and theyve just texted back that they have heard so much about our travels from Derek and Kathy and are looking forward to us staying. How cool yay!!!! Ive been enjoying the river crossings particularly the Kolan where there were a bunch of black swans and white cranes hanging out. The reflections in the river were stunning. There are so many rivers and creeks and billabongs along our travels all showing off the recent rains and in full bloom with reeds, lilly pads and birds. There are also heaps of black cockatoos in the gums making a right riot and at their social best. Its easy to spot green and red parrots nesting in the gum tree hollows and love to watch when we have our breaks. The best company of all are still the will wags and my favs by far. We went over a bridge where there was a mandarin orchid on one side and piles of old mandarins that had been dumped on the other. Grazing on them were cattle and I could almost see their orange beards. They were into it and ran off when they saw me like naughty children caught in the cookie jar. The kinda mischief I like allot!!

It was an earlier start this morning around 8am but not before having the best chats to Allison. Her hubby was on the internet and she was having a stroll. She returned with a pear for each of us and we sat eating our pear and chatting as chicks do best. She is a retired cabby with a very real and down to earth perspective on the world.She also suggested using libraries to download my photos. What a great idea!!! I’ll keep an eye out when we’re in towns along the way. She’s smart!! I really enjoyed our talk and it was a positive way to get into the wet day.

Ive just had a chat with my partner on the phone which was beautiful. That’s one big difference traveling now with a phone and mobile broadband access. Connection is everything and as Janet said last night, even though we’re spread across the planet we’re very much in touch. Yay big!!!!! I’m one very lucky woman with family and friends that rock my wet but not stinky socks!!! Talk soon x

Ps forecast rain through to Sunday. Oh well. Like I said to my partner tonight, ‘there will be times over the next weeks when we’re crazy hot and wishing for this rain.’ 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Theaussiechallenge Post # 6 Granite Creek

  1. Hi maree glad ur enjoying the rain …all u need is a trampoline …try it it’s fun ,I mean jumping on a trampoline in the rain ..heheee..we havnt heard from any one about a donation tin ,so maybe we,ll just get one and start….is that legal?…also I personally will have my own tin to donate weekly.dont know what the total amount will be good at Maths ..I use the other side of my brain ,hehee….glad ur safe …for some reason I’m more worried about u here than overseas,luv Linda and Jack.luvin the posts

  2. Hey MF, thinking of you today. Not just doing it tough out on ‘the track’ as my mum n dad call it but thinking of the people we both know who do it far tougher than many others will ever know.

    I’m pretty sure not many people on this blog would comprehend the changes you put in place to not just help one or two but many, many more. Your tenacity n perseverance dragged you through tough times when few around understood your contribution to saving n improving lives – because it may not have been a measurable item of concern. Ha.

    I bring this up out of my obvious respect for you as a ‘cyclist’ first (hahaha), no but really from my tremendous respect for you my little friend of nine years to the month! Go hard you good thing go hard. Xxxxx. S.

    1. My dear dear friend thankyou. We’ve been through heaps together and supported each other through the tricky bits sharing a laugh when needed. I am always here for you as I know you are for me. There’s so many cool things for us to share in the future. Thankyou for sharing this ride with me all the ya xxxx

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