Theaussiechallenge Post # 10 Blackwater

Day 12 158 days to go. Distance: today 93km total 950km. It’s 7pm Wednesday 18/7/2012 Blackwater. What a totally interesting place. It’s the coal meca of Queensland and oooozes every bit of this primary industry. On the way into town I stopped at the Yarrabee Mine site where the road trains were depositing their coal loads. It was so interesting to watch I think just the sheer mass and numbers and turnstile feel. Ive got a ‘tonka toy’ little boy in me that loves big trucks, boats and trains so I was in my element. Ive never seen anything like this before and it was really interesting. Rube wants to be a road train when she grows up 🙂 Attached to the mine was a loading site for the train but nothing was being loaded. You could get the idea but with the huge conveyer belt overpass and a massive silo looking structure used to fill the train carriages as they go under.

We passed over some beautiful creeks today all showing off from the recent rains. They looked so different with the red mud sides with lush green reeds and classic aussie bush trees and shrubbery. Got some cool pickies. It’s a clear night tonight how awesome and great timing as Im camping in a campground in town. Helen the manager has let me camp for free and we found a dry spot to pitch the super tent. Folk are being so generous particularly so as its a fundraising challenge.

The folk I met at the rest spot last night treated me to some seriously delish scrambled eggs for breaky. ‘That’ll keep the protein levels up,’ and they waved us off this morning nice!!! They had already checked out the blog overnight and are going to make a donation online very awesome. They are from Adelaide and we had breaky chats about the Flinders Ranges which sound so beautiful. Apparently at sunset the ranges all glow orange just like the paintings you see. Cant wait to see them.

We headed out before for a check out the town and get a Woolies fix. The majority of folk men and woman alike, are dressed in reflective work shirts. They are very friendly and were keen for a chat amongst the shopping isles. The campsite is permanently occupied by miners with no vacancies at any time. Helen was saying theres not enough accommodation in town for the volume of mining workers.

I got all excited as there was a computer at reception but when I asked if I could buy some time I got told its not working bugga. I’ll keep looking out.

Hey I got an email from a friend of mine who also onboard with the cents per km idea. It s such a great idea and an incentive for me and Rubes as we know that each k counts towards our target $

I’ve been chatting with my mum so lovely but now its hungry o’clock and time for dinner so I’ll finish up there. By the way the mozzies in Blackwater are hungry too ssssmmmmmmaccck!!!! Talk soon x

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One thought on “Theaussiechallenge Post # 10 Blackwater

  1. wait till you get to Mt Isa, you’ll both have a “tonka toy” fit! Maybe a train hat and a whistle is all Ruby needs to keep the “chug” up and the wheels going round. XXx

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