Theaussiechallenge Post # 16 Chorregon

Day 18 152 days to go. Distance: today 120km total 1605km. It’s 7.30pm Tuesday 24/7/2012 Chorregon rest stop (65km before Winton). I was stopped here filling my water bottles unsure if it was the right rest stop when another van pulled in. I went over and checked with them and the next stop was still 40km away and apparently full of vanners. Peter and Helen also decided to stay here overnight and invited me over for sunset drinks and nibblies. Their friends call them ‘The Queen Mary’ as they have all the right treats and mod cons on board. So we saddled up to an assorted platter of cheeses, dried fruits and nuts and crackers and had the best conversation as the sun set over what is the start of the real outback. The countryside is flat and covered with low lying shrubs. It’s mostly grazing land for sheep and cattle stations. The road is straight and long. If you were driving through you could easily think it was barren and quite empty of life other than the grazers. But cycling through we’re seeing another side. It’s alive with birdlife. We have been sung to the whole day by a mixed array of finches and fantails so busy in the grasses. Their songs are a constant beautiful background noise. Theyre oblivious to our passing bye until I call out to the sheep how cute their bottoms are and startle flocks up out of the grasses. That’s been our source of amusement all day and we love it!!! There’s no dull moments if we’re lookjing to see what’s out there. I saw 3 brolgas mooching around a marshy water pond. They are like the blue cranes we get back home but huge standing over a meter tall. Helen was saying that they mate for life and that we most likely say a mother, father and grown baby. We also saw a bunch of wild emus and it looks like a picture book seeing them in the wild. They are such odd bird and ran off when Rube called out to them. Then again she can be a bit scary at times 🙂 I was talking to my folks last night and dad asked if I had seen the Thompson River. We cycled over it on the way out of town Mate and I got a picky thinking of you x It was a late start this morning as I slept in after getting up at 6am when the Pelican Posties were leaving. They woke us up for a picky with Rube. I was still fast asleep and forgot to take one on our camera bugga. When we finally got under way we were hit by a surprise head wind which made the day allot longer on the long road but we had lots to keep us entertained. We soon came across Damien, a fella about 30 from England who is walking coast to coast from Darwin to Melbourne. He is pushing an upright trailer all kitted out with water, food, side mirrors and other essentials. He walks from sunrise to sunset covering 40-50km a day. It should take him about 4 months to complete. He said he’s loving the experience and wild camping each day wherever he pulls up at dusk. What an interesting fella. He loved Rube and took lots of pickies of her set up. She’s now giving cheek in an English accent and thought Damien was pretty alright. Helen and Peter are retired dairy farmers who still own property that their son runs outside of Sydney. Their family is spread across NSW and they spend the most part of the year traveling in between and spending time with their grandchildren. They are such lovely country folk and clearly love their family and sharing stories. The sunset was totally amazing vivid orange and deep blue with a crescent moon appearing with the first stars. Helen was telling me she saw a similiar sunset recently but with the Olgas silhouetted. Then just when they thought it was over a full moon came up behind one of the hills. I loved listening to their stories and its a comfort that their also here at the rest stop. It’s so dark except the light from my head torch and their van window. There’s an occasional call from a cow far off but otherwise its just the sound of the wind that’s very chill bill. The stars are something else and the brightest Ive seen on the trip so far. A good night to spot falling stars. It’s only a short day tomorrow into Winton. Helen and Peter have been to the dinosaur park and were able to see bones being tediously chiseled from the rock using what looked like a very fine dentist drill. The site has volunteers doing this labor as it can take months to expose 1 bone. They also saw meteorite rocks which landed about 2 years ago. They said that one the size of a rock melon weighs about 10 kgs so dense from the forces when it passed through the atmosphere. This stuff is so interesting!! We have had one very hard but very cool day and Im very tidy wides and ready for bed. Dinner first and a hot cuppa to take the edge off the temp. There’s no reception out here so Ill upload this tomorrow in Winton. Talk soon x

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