Theaussiechallenge Post # 25 Camooweal

Day 26 144 days to go. Distance: today 147 total 2390km. It’s 5.30pm Wednesday 1/8/12 Camooweal Rest Area. All I can say is Tim and Stephen were spot on in their choice of spots. Deary me…… ‘Once shecyclesolo camped by a billabong under he shade of a Coolabah tree and she sang as she watched as she waited for her Trangia to boil…. you’ll come a peddling my Ruby with me.’ If I have a crack at a life as a bird this is where I want to hang out. Every bird species we’re seen is here by the numbers doing what birds do best and clearly loving it. We’re joining them by the water’s edge savoring the last hours of daylight to what has been an awesome day yet again. A man just came passed and asked how we were doing and without a thought I grinned back at him…’it can’t get better than this.’ ‘Ain’t that the truth’ and he moseyed off on his walk. I wish I could tune you in to the sounds and the vista as my words won’t do justice to mother nature at her best. A willy wagtail has been hanging about me chirping a handsome song and keeping us company. There are also ducks, parrots, shags, white cranes, hawks, finches, fantails, pee wees, crows, water fowl, and the creme de la creme…. about a dozen brolgas. The lads in Isa were calling them Jabaru’s. Are they the same thing or a different species? The billabong stretches away to either side and is a huge expanse of delish. So whilst there’s heaps of vanners here everyone has their own tucked away piece of paradise, including Rube and I. This is one occasion I wish I had the Cannon and lens to capture some of the bird activity. It’s not practical to carry it but this is definitely a gem spot to play photographer. The sun’s dropped to a an angle when it starts to get a bit chill bill so I’m going to pop some more clothes on and be back soon x Ducks quacking always make me smile along with their chuckle.
It’s 7pm and Ive been enjoying the sunset and moon come up over the billabong. It’s perfect bliss and now in the early evening the birds are settling with the occasional call to break the tunes of the the crickets. This spot is one pure outback oasis I’ve met some lovely folk and enjoyed some cool chats over the last couple of hours. Ann popped over to say hi and was sharing her story now a mother of grown up children living in Europe with their families. She is a retired teacher and loving her content life nowadays. We were discussing the joy of contentment and how it’s a place you must find for yourself but once on the road it’s such a priceless gift. She was so excited about our adventure and grabbed our card to give to her kids who are very much into hiking and cycling and will enjoy following our blog. Ann donated $20 and I loved our conversation, you’re a very special human being so thank you for sharing some time with me and for your generosity. Our camping neighbors invited me to a dinner of meat stirfry which was very kind and tempting but we have our vegy dinner on board for later. Instead I chatted with them while they wined and dined. Robin and Terry and their mini foxi Sam are traveling onto Darwin also. They have a farm in Killarney and often have guests stay and hike on their property which sounds beautiful.They gave me their card if ever we’re that way and want to pop in. Harry is a retired military police officer and spoke about his challenges in retirement. He said their relationship has become much stronger as they both found their individual lives to enjoy. It has improved the quality of time when they are together as they have their own experiences to share. Sam is a little rascal as mini foxie’s are and we played fetch and wrestled. He’s a feisty little man and I loved playing with him. I miss Monty and have so many wonderful memories with her that flooded back playing toe to toe with Sam. I could easily bundle him up onto our trailer such a darling little man x robin and Harry think what we’re doing is pretty terrific and also donated $20. The moon must be close to full tonight and it’s shimmering on the water and silhouetting the water fowl and ducks enjoying a skinny dip in the moonlight. I’d join them if it wasn’t chill bill wearing all my thermals and grape. The mozzie coil is doing the trick as it’s ‘lots of bugs’ o’clock and smells so good. We started this morning at 7.30am and finished our kms in good time by 3pm. About 5km before Camooweal a car pulled over in front of us an Tony jumped out who we met outside Woolworths in Isa. He was all smiles and happiness seeing us agin on the road. He’s off to Darwin for the 2 week multicultural festival starting the 4/8 I think? Tony said he’s known allot of festivals being a German immigrant but this one is his favorite with the indigenous performances the best. The highlights are during the initial days but it should still be going when we’re there so we’ll keep an eye out. In Camooweal we stopped at the local store to buy some AAA batteries as our spot tracker and head torch needed replacing overnight and we were light on. They cost a million dollars but they’re one of those essentials. At the WW2 rest area I met a fella called Rob. I think he’s just awesome!! He’s a single lad in his 50’s who’s like a big boy scout. He’s been offered a job up in Arneham (?) Land working in an Aboriginal community as a tradey. I can’t remember his trade. He just loooves nature and we gotto chatting last night and this morning about the animals he’s seen, the problems with feral cats, Religion, philosophies, personal challenges, adventure travel and heaps other cool cool interesting stuff. Before leaving he donated his ‘coffee’ money ($19) and said he’s happy to go without for a week to help our cause. I really liked this fella and our time spent. He said ‘can you imagine if everyone gave you their coffee money for the day what that would add up to.’ I think his sacrifice was just lovely and totally reflected the kind compassionate fella he seems to be. Thank you Rob and all the best in your new job and challenge. I asked him to email me to let me know how it works out for him and I so hope to hear from him again. There must be cows grazing nearby as their moo’s are amongst the layers of cool night tunes. I saw drovers on horseback moving a large heard today and it looked straight out of an Aussie movie with all the dust and whistles and cattle sounds. It looked great!!! We also saw a huge eagle of some sorts up in a tree about 30m away. Not sure what he was but he was magnificent. There was a crow sitting nearby him and he looked like a willy wagtail beside his stature. Rube let out the biggest wolf whistle hoping to startle him into flight but he just shrugged and watch us pass by non fussed. It’s been a really really great day and a perfect end and place. Although I haven’t done the experience justice I’ve loved sharing it with you nonetheless. I’ll look forward to uploading these photos that’s for sure but that’ll be down the track or more to the point the Barkley which we join tomorrow on route to Soudan. We should get to Barkley Homestead for the 3/8 which will be great to call my Mum for her birthday. Two sleeps Mops x We’ve had a bunch of cash donations today that brings our total to $474.35 with 26 oaths in 26 days. Ching Ching Nice Nice !!!! Talk soon x

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