Theaussiechallenge Post # 35 Pine Creek

Day 36 134 days to go. Distance: today 95km total 2630km. It’s 8pm Saturday 11/8/12 Pine Creek. It was so great today to get the photos downloaded from Mt Isa through to Katherine so I hope you enjoy them before the next gallery fix. I found the internet access at the rear of an Aboriginal Art cultural centre for $2 per 30min so not bad for $12 from 10am to 1pm with time then to cycle to Pine Creek nice. While I was downloading a friend of a friend walked pass outside and saw Rube parked. She had offered a place for us to stay while in Katherine but it worked to stay at Boab’s thanks to their generosity. Khamla is a local and a high school buddy of a mutual friend Ame. She found me at one of the computer terminals and crazy small world. It was so lovely to chat and giggle as women do best and was wonderful company while the photos downloaded. Aside from being good fun, Khamla made sure we had everything and offered to help us out anyway. She’s as caring as you are Ame and I can see so many shared characteristics between you both. Clearly good buddies for a long time with goodness rubbing off between you both!! Thanks Khamla for keeping me company and for the coffee hit. Before heading she donated $50 wow so generous thank you girl you’re a jet and I wish you the best with your fundraising stuff we spoke about!!!!

The ride here was tail windy helping up over the undulating landscape for the most part. The terrain changed with lots of rocky boulders and beautiful river crossings. There have been fires through the area some time ago and now new growth was pushing through the black ashes like a beautiful phoenix. There was a seasonal tree lining the roadside without leaves but covered in bright yellow flowers that were glowing in the late afternoon sun and just gorgeous. I took some pickies but it didn’t really capture the light effect which kept me fixated and entertained. Black cockatoos were abundant with the red under their wings and Rube and I would startle them as we rode past. The effect of their burnt red-orange under-color against the blue sky and tree line was completely stunning and one of the most beautiful things I’ve seen so far on the ride. They are magnificent and intriguing birds. The bug and fly factor turned up today to the point I put on the face netting for the first time. It works a treat thank you Moppy for the loan. Great idea and I’m thinking it’ll be regular feature of the riding attire for the time being.

We rode into Pine Creek at about 5.30pm and got a free campsite at the campgrounds behind the BP. It’s a quiet and lovely spot to camp. I met Dennis who was telling me about two female cyclists he met crossing the Savanah Way from Cairns to Boorooloo. Very intriguing prospect for a future ride. He was really interesting telling me about the awesome campsites along the way. Dennis enjoys the off road challenges abundant in outback Oz and I loved hearing about his epic drive diagonally from Cairns to Perth. He invited me to join him for dinner at the hotel across the road but I opted out preferring a shower and my post/dinner routine to enjoy the starry evening and an early night for tomorrow’s ride into Kakadu.

Fundraising totals with Khamla’s $50 has reached the four figure sum of $1029.35 with 34 oaths in 36days. I got an email today from Graham and Thea yay and they shared some info about Jabiru and Brolgas which I’ll finish off tonight’s post with. Thank you fine folk and it was so great to hear from you!!!! Talk soon x

“G’day Maree, have been catching up with your blog which is most enjoyable to read, (haven’t got all the way through yet) and just had to clarify the brolga/jabaru question for you. Jabaru are a big black & white stork-like bird with long red legs while the brolga are grey and much more refined looking – butch jabru, chick brolga (hows that for an analysis?) Would love to be out there with you but not on a bike. Stay safe, cheers, Graham & Thea”

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