Theaussiechallenge Post # 39 Darwin

Day 41 129 days to go. Distance: today 125km total 3137km. It’s 8pm Thursday 16/8/12 Lee Point Village Resort, Darwin.

“Everything we achieve was once just a dream” What a beautiful quote Mum and Dad not sure who the author is but they nailed it didn’t they and a cool way to start tonight’s post. By the way……..DARWIN DARWIN DARWIN DARWIN !!!!! Phew that feels better 🙂 It’s a big tick milestone for Rube and I to be here and we’re chuffed and smiling and squeaky clean with all washing done. I’ll find somewhere for the girl to be pampered tomorrow but otherwise it’s all easy R&R now for a few days so nice nice!! We ended up finding a campground at Lee Point just 7km from the airport which works well for tomorrow. I asked for a freebie but the lady at reception said she didn’t have the authority and the manager had finished for the day. Oh well $25 a bit ouchy on the purse but not as tough as the first place we tried which wanted $45 so we’re happy enough and in a good possie. I kinda forgot that Darwin’s a big city and hadn’t thought much about getting here and finding our way around. It wasn’t until I got to a motorway junction bout 20km out that it dawned on me mmmmmmm sometimes not the sharpest tool and a bit slow out of the starting blocks but hey all heart and good intent I say 🙂 Anyway the sign said ‘Stuart Highway’ one way and Darwin another so Rube and I were scratching our heads. Then this council man stopped ahead of us perfect!!! His name was Wayne and he was such help. He pointed us the way where we needed to be to get to Darwin airport tomorrow. He googled campgrounds and gave us a mud map how to get to our camping options all nearby. Thanks Wayne!!!! So after finding our way here I did my washing and scrubbed myself to a state of respectability and now feeling like a fluffed and pruned tweet tweet bird ready for the next days yays.

We have reception and have been enjoying catching up on emails from friends and family thank you. Xxxxx thought I’d share a couple of comments from my friend Jo which are totally interesting……’Loving your adventures and glad to hear you haven’t encounter any sleeping crocs. What a beautiful part of our country is NT, I hope mining never makes its way there and they band cats. We were watching national geographic doco the other day on the state of the native wildlife and the effects of the domestic now ferrels cats in Kakadu and the Kimberley’s. My god, every ferrel cat is killing 7 marsupials per day and they estimate there are over 1,000,000 ferrel cats.’ AND…..
‘Talk soon and enjoy your travels, the stories are great makes us want to pack our bags and travel around AUS. As one person once said to me, i asked him does he enjoying being retired and his reply ” its great to stop competing and starting opening the world of appreciation”. I probably didn’t think too much of this before but listening to the people you have meet and their stories and kindness I get his point.’ thank you Jo and fam xxxx hope the flu has exited your gorgeous clan stage right and your USA plans sound just awesome xxxx

Also got an email from my big sister kittie who said….. ‘Could be the black cockatoo is your personal totem with you feeling such an affinity with them and their presence as you`re riding the wide open spaces (nice thought don`t you think??????)
We`ve been having fun with our “Bavarian challenge” J cycling and soaking up a bit of the alps the last couple of weeks. Was smiling reading one of your latest Blogs where you listed the kms done for the day and it was more than what we`d chalked up in 4 days!!!!!!!:-) (and that wasn`t due to the hills believe me ;-)’ love you!!!!!

About 50km into the ride today a car pulled over ahead of us and out popped Brett the national Parks fella who did the guided talks at Ubirr. He was with 3 of his friends, Zsuzza (originally from Hungary but all Australian nowadays), and Laura and Elizabeth two Irish girls. They all work in Jabiru and have three days off spending them in Darwin. Brett wants to swim in the ocean and the Irish girls want to party at the local Irish pub called Shanaghans. They were young and clearly excited about the prospect of partying up for a few days. They invited me to join them for the night market tonight but it doesn’t work for me to be in that part of the city my loss today but gain tomorrow. They did however donate $100 between them can you believe it how incredibly generous. They were all so excited and supportive of our fundraising challenge and said it was the least they could do to support our efforts for such a great cause. Thanks Guys it was fun talking to you by the roadside today and having our pickies together. Live it up in Darwin and love the salt water on the skin Brett. I complimented Brett on his ability to present such an interesting and respectful slice of Country and Aboriginal culture. He said he’s spent 25 years emersed in the culture and has learnt through story with elders about some of their ways. He said it’s quite controlled through policy what he can and can’t say and he hopes his style still respects these constraints but captures some of the heart of the land and it’s traditional owners. And it does. I told him that whatever recipe he’s using keep doing it cause it works a treat. The group of folk who followed him around for his three presentations up to sunset hung off his every word including myself and I reckon that’s a gift for him and us.

Cash donations from Brissie to Darwin are $1164.35 and I think that’s pretty awesome for two girls finding their peddles both with cycling and encouraging donations. It’s a somewhat tricky. My first priority is to talk to folk freely and not present with an agenda. i therefore don’t ask for donations but share our aussiechallenge itinerary and cause. It seems then that donations are made if people feel so inclined and this is a comfortable place for me so that works. Anyway good dollars for early days yay!!!! I’ll be posting next from Katherine to have a full break of it over the next days so stay tuned for then with a gallery to be attached. I’ll finish tonight with a part of an email from my sister Janny who shared a comment from their little man, Evan. It still makes me smile big thank you Loves and enjoy your holiday in Cres. Talk soon x

“Evan said a beauty last night after dinner, during a cuddle on the terrace: ‘my heart’s so full mummy, that’s why I’ve got such a big tummy!’ “

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  1. Saw your bike at Darwin Airport today, but didn’t see anyone around to say hello to! Hope Darwin was kind to you. We are registered on warmshowers and would have been happy to look after you! Maybe next time! Happy cycling!

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