Theaussiechallenge Post # 42 Timber Creek

Day 47 95 days to go. Distance: today 190km total 3432km. It’s 8pm Wednesday 22/8/12 Timber Creek Campground. I’ve just been looking at the photos from todays ride through the Victoria River Region. Oh my goodness this area is stunning. Now I know I say that allot but really it’s something else. It’s 360 degrees of red rock layered escarpment rising sheer from the roadside and surrounding landscape. The Victoria River is vivid green and meanders throughout the area with the road intermittently crossing it or running alongside. Sprawling between the rock are rolling green hills lush and alive with natives and birdlife. It was 90km from the rest area to the Victoria River roadhouse which marks the entrance to the region. Most of the 90km was creepy slow inclines but the impact of entering the region made every hard earnt peddle so well worth it. We started at 7am this morning giving us time to reach the roadhouse by lunch and have a break. I met ‘Daniel’ the truckie who came up and said ‘hi I’m one of the truckies you waved to today.’ He was a cool friendly guy based in Newcastle and spends 6 weeks on the road with 12 days off in between. He mostly transports between Newcastle and Broome and thinks he has the best job ever as he’s paid big bucks to see such a beautiful country. I couldn’t agree with him more. He was a real enigma and quite poetic about the scents and sights of the land. He loves this time of year with the wild flowers and his favorite is the yellow one that’s been blooming by the roadside since Pine Creek. We’re travelling a similar route over the next weeks so he promised to stop if his schedule allows and make me a roadside coffee to continue our chats. Nice lad!!!! He also donated $10 and hopes one day to cycle around Australia so he was full of questions about how we’ve set up out kit etc. I really like the truckie culture and the many lads I have met all have their individual story but share a real down-to-earthness which is warm and sincere and just under that tough exterior. Except for Daniel he was totally comfy expressing himself emotionally and was a stand out unique lad amongst lads.

Rube and I were back on the road at 1pm for another 90km to Timber Creek. The countryside kept us glued and occupied for the most part but it was pretty steamy and we were happy to finally pull up stumps just after 6pm. Lorraine at the campgrounds was more than happy for us to pitch our tent as a freebie and even gave me a can of coke zero. It went down pretty dam fine as I sat with the legs in the pool cooling off nice nice. So I’m all showered and squeaky clean with the gear washed for a fresh start tomorrow. The trick in the heat is to start with the daylight about 6.30am. I was thinking today how amazing Dave Alley’s effort was particularly given it was October. To find the hours in the day and night to cover those distances Dave was really quite amazing you rock. You’re also my inspiration to keep the momentum up when the spirit wants to wander. ‘What I’m doing is nothing compared to what you mustered my friend so keep the legs turning over and the kms will come….and they do!!!’ I was talking to Lorraine about the stairway to heaven effect in Broome and she said do it!!! She’s originally from North Qld and puts the full moon effect over the out tide up there with the great barrier reef as far as wow factor. Yayayayayayayay can’t wait here we come 9 days to go!!! Must eat and pass out. $1194.35 cash donations. Talk soon x

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3 thoughts on “Theaussiechallenge Post # 42 Timber Creek

  1. Pawel here again (polish cyclist), arrived to Katherine again today,spent a few days going through Litchfield NP, staying here for a couple of days and then jeading West myself, looked at the winds and seems to be ESE or SE so happy days i hope 🙂

    See you out there…maybe!

  2. Omg I have soo much to catch up on…I havnt been reading ur blogs ….but ur not forgotn …we talk about u every day at work …little old ladies come in to get there hair done ,and see a tin soo they put money in it ….then I say do u know what the tins for ? …and they say I explain and they put money in again on the way out…sooo cute…my daughter got married on the weekend ..the lead up to the day for months has been mind boggling ….but the day was supa awesome ….glad to get back to normal…..what ever normal is …truckies from what I’ve read in this post sound soft and gooey and soo real …as u said tough exterior …..but sooooo sweet and the real love of there country..luv m ….ohhh by the way ..who has a birthday soon …mmmmmm

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