Theaussiechallenge Post # 50 Goldwire Rest Area

Day 59 83 days to go. Distance today 125km yesterday 40km total 4479km. It’ 7.15pm Tuesday 4/9/12 Goldwire Rest Area. Rube and I had an early finish today arriving just after 2pm. It’s been a comfy afternoon with a beautiful breeze sharing a shelter space with three really interesting couples chatting into the evening. They’re all seasoned 5 star vanners with every mod con and comforts. Lesley and Nigel showed me round their van which has been custom built costing $100 000 and it’s pretty much a luxury mobile home which they live out of nowadays traveling with the seasons. Nigel picks up contract work as needed managing telecommunications projects and then they’ll travel again for another 12 to 18 months. What a great semi retirement life. They are such a source of info about Australian places and indigenous culture. We’ve had the best chats together and it’s been really interesting hearing their experience and thoughts on the challenges for indigenous Australia. This subject really interest me and I’m loving hearing other’s thoughts and understandings. Two of the families have pooches and I’ve had a cool time playing with them. Thanks for the time shared this arv lovely folk it’s been a real treat.

The ride today was pretty tough with offshore headwinds and slow inclines for the most part. But Ive been pretty relaxed with it and it wasn’t long before the kms passed after an early 5.30am start. It was a total fog out this morning and a wickedly heavy dew. So much so my speedometer shorted from the wet and we relied on the road signs for distances which was a different experience. I brought a spare and have set it up but need a battery for the wheel magnet so I’ll grab one when I can. Otherwise there’s enough signage to break up the day’s distances and we’ll manage ok ’til then. The sun looked wonderful coming up through the fog and created a misty pink skyline that was a beautiful start to the day. It was so much cooler traveling just inland from the coast which made it far more comfy than the tricky heat from Kununarra to Broome.

It was awesome getting all the photos uploaded yesterday mammoth effort taking 5 hours and $30 but happy to be sharing that stage of our cycle including the Bungles. It meant a later start for us not leaving ’til 4pm and only managed to get to the Roebuck roadhouse before the light ran out for the day. But we scored a free camp from the manager Kris and will make up the distance today/tomorrow. It’s still 170km to the Sandfire Roadhouse so another early start should see us there about 4pm. I’ll spoil myself to a shower and pamper for my birthday yayayayaya. Rube turns 5 and mwa 45 so it’s a big special day for us chicks.

Lesley and Nigel donated $5 so thats a total of $1384.35. Time for dinner and an early night. There’s a chill tonight brrrrrrrrr nice to tuck into the sleeping bag for some comfy zzzzz’s. Talk soon x

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