Theaussiechallenge Post # 55 Sherlock River Rest Area

Day 64 78 days to go. Distance today 147 total 5086km. It’s 7.15pm 9/9/12 Sherlock River RA. We’ve had a very delish day a bit longer than intended but just means less ks to tomorrow yay. We had aimed for Whim River hotel where I was told we may have scored a camp but it was all closed up when we got there with just a small miner’s camp. Thank goodness because I was needing water and I bailed up some lads and scored some litres. We were good then to peddle to the next rest area which was 27km further on but it is worth the extra ks. It’s situated right on a river full of birdlife. We set up camp over sunset then made a cuppa and sat on twilight watching the black swans and white cranes and tweet tweet birds play in the river bank grasses. Such a beautiful space to end the day. There’s only two other vans here so there’s little people noise competing with the busy river life. I sat and thought how good is this. End of day cuppa always tastes pretty good but this one was extra num.

I was treated to breaky and take away lunch at the miner’s camp this morning which was an awesome start to the day. There was everything on offer but what appealed was toast and butter so I endulged in a few pieces and fresh coffee. I jam packed a chinese container with spinach leaves, tomato and cheese slices so that’ll make for a yummy dinner tonight yay. That was such a score staying there overnight and the folk treated me so well we felt very spoilt. All the lads were full of warm smiles and hellos and happy to have us there. Its funny cause on the exterior they’re big and tough looking, heavily tattooed most of them with every second syllable a swear word with a smile. Real characters I liked it allot. The mess room was a hub of blokey blokes discussing sunday morning bloke stuff and very entertaining over breaky. We went into Port Headland town and did a top up shop then headed on the road with a nice tail wind.

We soon came across a bunch of supported cyclists heading towards Port Headland with a wicked headwind poor buggas. But they were in good spirits and doing a cycle from Perth to Broome to raise awareness for WA disability services. I stopped and chatted to them a while and they were a genuine bunch of cool folk very encouraging and keen to swop stories. Further down the road we were stopped by a woman from a travel magazine I can’t remember now which one bugga. Her name was Laura and she interviewed us and took a bunch of photos which was really cool. She got our details and will be in touch down the track to clarify any details and send us the photos. I’ll be able to get the name of the mag from her then . She told us what an inspiration we were and how lucky she was to stumble across us. It’s so special for me to hear this stuff. I love love love knowing I have inspired others with good stuff it so counts bigtime big to me and Rube.

The landscape was mixed today lots of flat floodways but with patches of those rocky hills classic mining area stuff with lots of mining activity in the area. This means the road train traffic is full on but we love the big tonkers. It keeps us amused exchanging waves and getting hello horn blasts. It’s time now to indulge in the chinese takeaway container and for some early comfy zzzz,s. The grounds quite sandy so it should be a comfy sleep tonight yay. Ive just set up the inner fly on the grasshopper tonight so we’ll be able to enjoy the stars which are crazy bright and stunning. Talk soon x

The floodplain’s dry and long
and we surprise him with our stop.
It’s lonely without rain
to give him work.

He shares his treasured birds,
their song and blooms of wild flowers.
Bursts of soaring color
brings him new life.

It’s into springtime now
which means the wet’s just weeks away.
Our visit lifts his heart
and makes him smile.

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