Theaussiechallenge Post # 69 16km south of Armadale Sth Western Highway

Day 90 52 days to go. Distance today 60km total 6843km. It’s 9pm Friday 5/10/2012 16km south of Armadale WA. Hi there!!! Us girls are having our first wild camp all by ourselves being big and brave. We were aiming for a rest area 16km south of Armadale a town 60odd kms south of Perth. Unfortunately it never turned up so plan B. It was getting dusk o’clock when I saw this sign to a farm stay down a no through dirt road. It just kept going with no farm in sight so the perfect opportunity to have our first bush camp which is very cool indeedy. It’s a beautiful evening clear and chilly and we’ve been catching up on emails as I still have reception being close enough to the towns south of Perth. It’s weird not having vans around which we’ve become accustomed to but I like the remote feeling of wild camping. We’re very tucked away off the road with the grasshopper set up in a gravel clearing ready for beddy byes. It was great getting back into the new saddle today. It needs some adjustment re position but it’s so much more comfy for the butt butt and that’s a good thing. The cycle was mostly though built up towns but the conditions and road were great with a good shoulder to ride on away from the traffic. The last 20km were more rural mostly cattle farming properties and rolling green pastures a nice intro to south west WA. We received two donations today, one from a volunteer at the airport who emptied her change purse of $8 and another from a truckee at a set of lights who passed us down a $5 note from his rig how cool!!! We were also stopped by a couple at a set of lights who recognized us from way back in Qld somewhere on the Bruce highway. They couldn’t believe they were seeing again and with so many kms in between. The Bruce highway seems a loooooong time ago. Just a short post tonight to get back into the swing and it’s very good to be back into it I must say!!! Here Here!!!! from Rube. Cash donations $2067. Talk soon x

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2 thoughts on “Theaussiechallenge Post # 69 16km south of Armadale Sth Western Highway

  1. we’re back in the saddle with you Ree on your 2nd half of “the loop”! Have fun and safe pedaling as you discover the south west. love the Tandls

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