Theaussiechallenge Post # 73 17km south of Walpole

Day 94 47 days to go. Distance today 100km total 7270km. It’s 7.30pm Tuesday 9/10/2012 Valley of the Giants Eco Caravan Park 17km South of Walpole. The Valley of the Giants refers to the Karri, Red Tingle, Yellow Tingle, Marri and Karri Oak that towers the forests east of Walpole. It is home to the Giant Tingle Tree at 24metres, this is the largest girthed living eucalyptus known in the world. There is a famous treetop walk, drive and hike in the area to take in the spectacle. It’s a drive inland from here so we won’t be sidetracking but keep it in mind if you’re in this part of the woods. In fact make the south west and great southern regions in WA a must on your list if planning an Aussie trip. I know Ive said it but it really is beautiful and to cycle the area continues to be a treat and a highlight to date. Albeit hilly and super hard work, it’s worth it as Dave Alley recommended. It’s been three days now of working hard for the money honey and Rube and I are sore and tidey wides but all smiles. What I was thinking of today for some inspiration was the fact that my big sister Katie is arriving early for their visit at Christmas and will be here on the 24/11/2012 to welcome us into Sandgate. This is soooo special and means the world to me and the family you count big sfessie and thankyou thankyou for changing your flight to come earlier xxxxxxxxx

The ride today was through more national parks and forests of massive eucalypts. It was a clear day and the sun through the towering treeline cast great shadows and perfect for photos and savoring the kms. Jeff passed us on his way to the Treetop walk and stopped for a roadside chat. He’s a cool guy and is from Warrnambool at the start of the Great Ocean Road. He’ll be back home early November and there when we arrive for the welcome event Roxanne’s organizing. He has invited me on a plane trip with him over the coastal treasures how incredibly awesome and generous and cool and exciting and ‘yes please!!!!!’ Obviously it’s subject to the weather but what a great offer if Mother Nature plays nice on the day. Here’s hoping, I may have to sacrifice a toffu bean or two to appease her as she can be a bit temperamental as we all know good and well. Fingers crossed at any rate 🙂 Just before Walpole we got our first glimpse of the great south coast and stopped at the lookout for a picky. It had been all uphills for ages prior, then 5km downhill into town with not a break pad in sight weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee awesome fun for me and the girl!!!!! ‘What goes up….must come down…….’ In Walpole we stopped for a coffee and met some cool locals wanting to know about our travels and challenge. While chatting a bus load of trippers from AAT Kings Coach Tours stopped and gathered round Rube checking her out and her signage. They all chipped in donations totally $48 how awesome. they were all cheek and giggles and made the passing comment that their donations means 1/300th less off the target. How incredibly true fine folk enjoy the rest of your tour and thankyou!!!! We were aiming for a rest area at the turnoff to the Valley of the Giants but it’s now closed. Luckilly luckilly there was a caravan park back 1km so we turned on our tires and have been treated to a freebie stay yay. The shower and clean up has been totally delish and necessary I might add. Even Rube commented that I was a bit on the nose if she had one!!! 🙂 It’s really chilly this evening no more than 5 degrees and I’m rugged up cosey with everything on including the gortex weather jacket. I scored this jacket from Thea and Graham back in Stanwell east of Rocky and what a long time ago does that seem. My fond memories of our stay with them however are still fresh and treasured and I hope you are both well and planning your next trip!!!! I mentioned the extra chill in the air to the manager here and like he said, ‘we’re pretty close to the Antarctic you know!!!!’ How very true!!!! Whilst at Walpole I also checked emails and will finish up with a copy of two I got, one from Ma and Pa and the other from ‘The Scrambled eggs & bacon brekky lady’ as she referes to herself LOL. I met Jenny way back in Duaringa on day 11. Great to hear from you Jenny and thanks for the tips re Port Augusta and encouragement. Cash donations $2120 yayayayaya. Talk soon xxxx

‘Congratulations on reaching your half way mark, I love reading your blogs and the wonderful explanations of beautiful places of our country, many we still need to explore too. Before you get to Pt Augusta, there is a sheep station call Nutbush with a small caravan park, great place for an overnighter! They even have a community dining room, you may get a home cooked meal!
It is about 30kms before Pt Augusta and I am sure it would be a better camping place for you compared to Pt Augusta. Wishing you all the best for the rest of your treck! From the Scrambled eggs & bacon brekky lady!
Jenny (now home in SA)

‘Darlin girl, A quick email but I do want to have mail waiting for you when you next have internet xxoo.
Your recent Posts are great reading…..but NO I wouldn’t have dug up some of the freesia bulbs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do hope you have taken photos of them though………..Ree, wanted to mention that at Jill Meagher’s (the young woman who was murdered) funeral in Melbourne on Friday the family wore the White ribbons as the symbol against violence against women. This was mentioned on the evening new’s coverage.’
Mops and Pops

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