Theaussiechallenge Post # 88 West of Peneng

. Today was another cracker of a headwind effort which blew into a gale for the last 30km so I was pretty happy to do the 105km for the day. The countryside’s beautiful, a bit hilly and challenging with the wind but we did good to stay focused and chip away at it. There’s heaps of wombats about which unfortunately means lots of roadkill over the day sad to see as all roadkill is. I’d love to see a little fat fella and may get a chance with a dawn start so we’ll keep the eyes open. We had our stop today at the Nuddroo Roadhouse and met a cool man who lives in Fowlers Bay. Bill said that if ever we’re in town to ask for him and he’ll take us for a ride along the beach which he says is one of the best in Australia. He’s travelled extensively over the years and reckons the Bay is his choice place. Sounds beautiful. The turn off’s just down the road and is on the to do list for next time round like so many other places. This rest area’s really tucked away and we’re pretty much wild camping which is awesome. There’s no other vanners about like yesterday and I really like the remote feel. Camping along the Nullabor you can’t beat it yay!!!!! It’s extrememly cold tonight propbably the coldest its been since the Barkley Highway so everything I own I’m weary to keep toasty. There’s something mulling about outside but I can’t spot him so I’ll have a closer poke when I go cook some dinner soon. I loooove critters and we have some pretty cool ones in Australia. This morning we woke with an abundance of bush budgies all busy chatting over breakfast and their morning choirs. I put a container of water out by the tank and they came down in numbers for a drink awesome. They were chased off eventually by the magpies who pushed in for their share. It was a great way to start the day !!! Time for dinner. Ceduna tomorrow hopefully yayayayayayaya!!!!!!!! It’s a milsestone that’s for sure!!!! I have to go critter spotting. The spirits are back up tonight which is cool and big fun. Talk soon x
Ps its a stunning night. I didn’t spot the critter but I hear him mooching about still. There’s a lone magpie singing his last song for the day to the moon with the wind and crickets harmonizing. The Nullabor night is at its best and showing off for us how incredibly awesome!!!! Rube reckons its a bit of alright indeedy. X

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