Theaussiechallenge Post # 92 Kimba

Day 115 26 days to go. Distance today 90km total 10527km. It’s 5pm Tuesday 30/10/2012 Kimba. I just woke up from an hour power kip after what’s been a hellish day indeed. I was swimming in a lather of sweat but feel half sane again. Rube disappeared to the local pool or pub or both. It’s only 90kms from Kyancutta to Kimba but it took us 8 hrs leaving 7am and arriving 3pm way too hot and both big frowny bigtime mmmm not pretty. We found the corner store and bought the biggest diet coke and sat outside contemplating the appropriateness of nakedness. The wind didn’t play nice today and was a hot NE heady. With the road seemingly going up all morning and a zillion flies freeloading a ride on the face of my head net, I was mentally and physically fried and frazzled pulling into Kimba. This local ol’ fella, Barry came up to me and started chatting what a sweatie. I think he could tell I was a coiled snake and was making jokes and light of the crappy day. He then suggested I pull up stumps and camp at the local Apex Park across the road….. ‘Can I?’ ‘Of course you can!!!’ ‘Cooooooool!!!’ I could have given him the biggest stinky kiss but instead shook his hand and told him he made my day, thanks Barry x I had a wash up in the local loos, pitched buddy and passed out horizontal. Apparently there’s a change in the weather tomorrow, overcast and cooler with the chance of early rain but most importantly a SW is suppose to blow the change in. Here’s hoping!!!! It’s 156km to Port Augusta and I’d like to get there or close to it tomorrow if we can. We’ll give ourselves every chance with an early start again and see if Mother Nature plays nice for Halloween. The skies pretty heavy southwards so I wouldn’t be at all surprised if there’s a wee rumble storm later. It looks pretty impressive. Barry donated $5 before wishing us well keeping the cash donations ticking over $2510 yay. I checked for access when I woke up and no Telstra but we have Optus for the broadband, so I can check emails and upload the last few posts. I just checked the pickies from the day. I took a photo of the first morning light which is at 6am. The rest area at Kyancutta was tucked in behind the Apex Park. There was a house nearby with penned baby lambs who bleated us off this morning sooooo cute. We had a coffee stop along a wheat field where there was a windmill blowing up a storm that sounded awesome across the plateau. The area seems to be a series of plateaus perfect for farming. I just had a visit from Ian who’s from Portland and traveling with Molly his Jack Russell. Shes the sweetest little thing loves her daddy and clearly loving their holiday. He gave me two cans of SPC fruit before heading off to stay at Iron Knob another 58km east. Nice bloke. Talk soon x

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2 thoughts on “Theaussiechallenge Post # 92 Kimba

  1. geez you cover some ground on that bloody bike. This is my last night on the road tonight at Renmark, Back into a real bed tomorrow and I can feel myself turning beige already. I have received an email from Bertha the Mexican lady on the same stretch of road as you. She is not in a good place at the moment and reading her email she may need some encouragment. I will work out how to forward her email to you when I get home
    Take care and I will keep in touch
    Greg Beel
    0408 319 764

  2. Hi Maree, it’s Debra from SANDBAG. Saw your parents yesterday, was such a busy day that I’ve only just got to process what they left me with and understand that you are blogging on your website and not facebook. Ok, now I get it. Will try to ramp up the presence through our facebook page and post your photos when appropriate and refer people to this blog. Paula and I will work on some media releases through the Chronicle. Sorry, it will be a bit haphazared, but will try our best. Really admire your perserverence and stamina. Go to our SANDBAG facebook page to see posts. It can be a bit hard to find. Regards Debra

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