Theaussiechallenge Post # 96 Two Wells

Day 119 22 days to go. Distance today 140km total 10977km. It’s 7.45pm Saturday 3/11/2012 Two Wells. I kept thinking today about the scene from the ‘Long Way Round’ series when Ewan McGregor says ‘Ahhhhhhhh tarmac.’ I must have said it in my best pirate voice a dozen times during choice moments when the hard granite road rolled as smooth as a babies butt butt Nice!!!!!!! The highway is awesome with two lanes both ways and a decent shoulder to move over when I hear my big buddies coming. It makes such a difference to have a good roll and I enjoy this peddling bigtime big. Rube and I have even scored some decent tailwind and descents so there’s been big smiles and squeals from the terribly terrific twosome today 🙂 We left this morning with my two socks hanging off the trailer to dry off. I had one of those very inglorious moments last night when I had a wee moment all over my shoe Not Nice!!!! I was too focused on dinner and condiments so started the day with some washing out to sort out the eeeeeek. We watered up at the loos and Allan came up to wave us off with a bag full of treaties from their corner store. We scored a handful of bars, two huge bags of dried fruit and two bags of Jelly beans ’cause ‘we need on-the-road snacks to keep the good work going!!!’ What a darling man thankyou Allan it was a delish way to start the day. There was a massive storm looming this morning and the dark sky color looked amazing over the wheat fields and hills. It rumbled something fierce for ages but didn’t have much in it rain wise which is the perfect storm to enjoy its roar without the wet. I had the gear all ready just in case but besides a drizzle our toes stayed dry and we just enjoyed the ambience peddling through the stunning countryside. We did 9 hours with lots of breaks and the day passed really quickly. I was keen to ride to adelaide today and we were on track to do the remaining 40km but I was mindful of where we were going to stay. I wasn’t keen to pay a million dollars again like Port A so we’ve stopped at the last small dot town just off the highway. It’s called Two Wells and its so pretty and kept picture perfect by the locals. It’s bigger than Redhill but with the same sandstone buildings and old late 1800s charm. I road into town to see if we could score a free place †o camp and spotted the local policeman. I checked with him and he’s popped us in the offleash doggy area where ‘noone will bother you there.’ It’s a perfect spot and we’re tucked away up in one corner so noone would even know we’re here. In town I met this huge big bear of a man called derek. He is from Adelaide and out for a ride on his Harley which was the most beautiful big boy toy and Rube loved him. We ooo’d and ahhhhed over his beloved baby and chatted about travels in Australia. Derek used to be a truckee and driver for Greyhound and has travelled Australia for over30 years. He looooves being ‘on-the-road’ but nowadays moreso with his bike rather than as a truckee. He was so impressed with what we’re up to and couldn’t be more encouraging. ‘Well done girls and stay safe to Brisbane!!!!’ Will do Derek, loved our chats in Two Wells. After setting up camp I checked the kms to Horesham and should be there Tues or latest Wednesday with Monday forecast a few showers. I’ve texted Peter and Phyliss who live there and who we met in our travels near the Kimberleys and again in Broome. I can’t wait to see them again and it’s so cool to have a destination with cool folk, to aim for in the next days yay. Time for dinner and a much more focused wee break. Talk soon x

PS my new Ipod screen savor is a logo my sister Janet has done up with me and Rube on an Aussie map outline. It looks soooo cool and must be turned into a tshirt when we’re home yay.
PPS I got an email from my big sister Katie and wanted to share the giggles to finish up with…..

“I also LOVE!!!!!!! the fly net photo – classic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All I can think of is how flies must have looked at the time of the giant ants J (imagine THEM at a picnic!!!!)”

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One thought on “Theaussiechallenge Post # 96 Two Wells

  1. Hi Maree,Good to see you are doing so well,I’m the guy you first met near Nanutarra then at Donnybrook.It’s great to follow your adventure.I don’t know if you remember me telling you about the Balladonia Straight 90 miles it’s a cracker AY, I saw the photo you took near Ongerup and noticed my old cycling buddy Greg Pye.Gee what a small world.good luck mate keep safe and keep smiling chat again soon Ben Barker

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