Theaussiechallenge Post # 97 Westbrook Park

Day 120 21 days to go. Distance today 135km total 11 112km. It’s 8.30pm Sunday 4/11/2012 Westbrook 5km NW Tallem Bend. Rube and I have landed on our feet and tyres tonight scoring a free camp at Westbrook Park which is right on the river and a stunning spot. I’m sitting now looking out over the twilight reflections with a storm on the horizon giving us an awesome lightning show. It’s still a far way off so we can enjoy the spectacular over a post, dinner and be tucked in Buddy if it decides to visit us later. I’ve just had beautiful phone chats with my Mum, Dad and Nephew Ryan which is always the perfect way to end what’s been a hard but very cool day. We cycled the last 40km into Adelaide. It’s been ages since I’ve been to the SA capital and don’t remember much so I loved riding through the city which was pretty Sunday quiet allowing us to check out the sights without the traffic. A car pulled up ahead of us into town with a huge friendly beep as it passed and I was trying to figure out who it was when Tish and Gary jumped out all smiles and waves. OMG how great was it to see them again. We missed catching up with them further down the Nullabor as hoped so we had sooo much to catch up on from the last few weeks. Great to see you guys and we’ll be in touch soon. Actually the storms coming across allot quicker than I first thought so I’ll speed up the post for tonight. I followed a cycle path out of Adelaide called Eagle’s Nest, that took us up over the Mt Range with awesome views back over town. It was a decent slog but worth the sweat with spectacular views. We then found ourselves on the M1 out of the city heading to towards Murray Bridge. M1’s are a no no for bicycles and pretty soon we got a huge police siren blast from behind and was stopped by a very friendly traffic police woman who escorted us to the next exit to the Old Princess Highway to Murray Bridge. This route was stunning through the old towns and rolling hills for the 65kms. Hard work but forced sight seeing away from the motor way which was a much prettier than highway bashing indeedy. We then met up with the A1 again and did another 20km before seeing the sign to this Park. I was spent for the day and it was 6pm and time to stop so we’ve done awesomely doing the kms we did in the hills and temps which hung around 37 degrees. It’s perfect timing to have a wash and recharge the kit so I’m feeling pretty chuffed tonight and ready for tomorrow. The crickets and frogs by the water’s edge are singing us company tonight which is beautiful. It’s otherwise very still and a bit eerie with the storm heading this way across the evening sky. Time to fit in some dinner I’m thinking before it rumbles too much closer. The airs changing as I type with a breeze starting to pick up across the river. Such a beautiful place to be yay. Talk soon x

PS I ended up dining high and dry in the buddy boy with the wind and lighshow and a handful of heavy drops having a grizzle outside. The storms now finished its say as quick as it showed up and has gone elsewhere to tell its tale. Crazy stuff !!!! So now the crickets and frogs have the centre stage again and it’s life as usual by the river at Westbrook Park. Just another night of paradise for the local folk. 10.15pm and time for zzzzzzz’s.

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2 thoughts on “Theaussiechallenge Post # 97 Westbrook Park

  1. you girls are really chalking up the kms…well done and in that heat!! Take care and drink lots and then lots more and keep ticking those kms off. 21 days to go..amazing!!! XXx

  2. What a beautiful post…… nicely written, I felt that me and my lovely labrador were with you and Rube whilst you were writing …………..thankyou !!

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