Theaussiechallenge Post # 112 165km west of Warwick

Day 136 5 days to go. Distance today 125km total 12940km. It’s 8pm Tuesday 20/11/2012 165km west of Warwick. Hi there from sunny Qld yayyaayayaya. We’re bushed camped about 15km short of Yelabon along highway 42 to Warwick. We ran out of light this arv and are having a cheeky camp on a property about 500m off the highway down a no through dirt road. There was a gate leading into the huge corn field so we’ve come in through there and camped alongside the field. It’s not my preferred style but there’s no farm house I can see or lights in the distance so it was a toss up decision to tuck ourselves away for the night and with an early start in the morning no one should be none the wiser. Our camp spots are always left exactly as found them so sorry Mr Farmer whoever you are for pitching on your land but we were a bit stuck tonight and don’t think you would mind given the circumstances. All that aside its a beautiful spot under the stars and smiling moon. He’s sharing our joy and excitement being back in Qld crossing the border into Goondawindi this arv. We arrived a bit later than planned as we were stopped along the highway a couple of times by some gentlemen wanting a chat. Firstly John from Moree pulled up ahead of us and jumped out all smiles and happiness coming across us on the road. He had been to Narrabri earlier and was talking to a lady who works in the Salvation Army store there. She was telling him all about us right down to BD Boy and Bruce who we’re hooking up with again in Warwick. I couldn’t initially work out who he was talking to then the penny dropped when he described the woman and it was Catherine from our farm stay a couple of nights back. What a crazy tiny small world. He was so excited to see us after talking to her and was buying himself a Lotto ticket in Goondawindi with the good vibes. He was such an endearing man retired now and travelling to every country in the world as part his bucket list. He has only Greenland and Iceland left on his itinerary. I told him about my friend John who has recently been to Iceland with another couple and how their wives ran in the Iceland Marathon. John described in an email to me when they got home how amazing the country is so I passed on what I knew and he’s all excited about his travels plans come next year. A bit further along the road and we were again stopped by Peter from New Zealand. He’s working in Australia driving headers and following the harvesting season from Emerald to the Bite in SA. He’s a real adventurer and loved hearing some our stories full of compliment for our own adventures. He was a very interesting man and was telling me about how there’s many who believe the road transport industry will see a massive decline in the next five years as US relations deteriorate in the Middle East. According to some our industries that rely on oil prices will suffer and our exports will drop off considerably with oil prices projected to triple in this time. Some big transport companies like Linfox are apparently already management planning ahead for this impact. What truth there is to this I don’t know but it was very interesting talking to Peter about this and other relative stuff. He reckons self producing,sustaining and alternative natural energies will have a massive spike and we’ll see folk commuting on the smaller CC motorcycles and mopeds. Lets see what the next few years bring hey and how the US relations develop over this time. All interesting stuff. Rube and I took a picky naturally coming across the McIntyre River with the Qld State border sign. It was a very cool moment for us to share. We stopped in at Coles for a drink and Madeira Cake to treat ourselves to something sweet delish for dinner. We then found Maccas on the highway out of town and celebrated with our last freebie coffee voucher checking emails and recharging the Ipod. I then watered up and headed out for our afternoon ride to as far as we got this arv. The highway 42 is a bit rougher than the Newell but manageable just a bit slower so I’m happy with the kms we’ve managed today. I’d love to make it to Warick by tomorrow to have some qual time with Bruce so with an early start and weather permiting we’ll give it a good crack. Its forecast clear at least but there’s a tricky headwind and inclines that will make it a tough day. All totally worth the effort the manage the 165 odd km if we can so here’s hoping. That means an early night tonight and with the clock turned back an hour we should get our backsides up and back on the road at early o’clock in the morn. Eeeeeeek time to set the alarm again bugga Ive been endulging getting up later but again all worth it to see the Bruce man. On that note its time to make a sweet tea and enjoy some cake yum. I’ll end off with a copy of an email from Janet my sister who’s been loving the spotmessender and checking out our camping possies each day. It’s nice to be back in the home State. We’re sharing smiles with the moon this evening 🙂 Talk soon x

“Agriculture is incredible…looking at the “findmespot” the height that we look down on you Ree as you squat, shows us that you are surrounded by an incredible pattern of geometric squares and rectangles of every shade of green…amazing! But you’re both amazing…look at the kms you’ve covered!!! Keep peddling…the seafront is waiting. XXx

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2 thoughts on “Theaussiechallenge Post # 112 165km west of Warwick

  1. HI Marie, I have been following your blog with lots of interest and lots of awe as well! what an amazing journey you have had and you should be so proud of what you have achieved! If only i knew you were heading to Yelarbon! I have an Uncle who lives there and he would gladly have put you up for the night! maybe you are camped in his paddock…! safe travels home……

  2. Hello Marie, I get butterflies in anticipation of reading your daily reports……won’t be long and you will be in real familiar territory, safe safe travels ….love ya !!

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