Confessions of a Vagabond

Forgive me it has been 2 weeks since my last post…… Can you believe it? The last 2 weeks is up there for significance. Each morning a smiling soon-to-be nomadic vagabond greets me in the mirror.  Apparently the change fits well if the smile is any indication.  I have loved sharing bon voyage time with family and friends.  It reminds me that despite soloing it a while I am still very much connected.  This counts!! Thankyou xo.

I have uploaded a few photos to share with permission.

I pack and weigh my gear today to consider transport options given I will have excess weight.  Apparently you can book unaccompanied luggage ahead at less cost than excess baggage.  I’ll do some weighing before I call Brisbane airport baggage services to enquire further. I promise a snapshot to share how the cycle set up will look peddling outbound Chiang Mai on the 2/12/2011.  PS My bike is red mmmmmmmmm shiny pretty.

Red is definitely the colour of speed and sex however given my marital status and the nature of solo travel a speed focus seems far more appropriate 🙂 On that note my partner arrives home from offshore deployment on Tuesday 1/11/11 yay!  We head to New Zealand on the 4/11/11 for a two-week hike near Arthur’s Pass South Island.  It will be a beautiful time for us to share and celebrate important goals met.  It will also be an awesome way to try out some IT gear for the trip.

Talk soon! M 🙂

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