‘She’s looking good Vern’

Far Side fans will appreciate this?  This is one of my favourites.  Picture 2 bulls and a blow up cow and you get the gist of my excitement loading up the cycle-trailer  yesterday.  I needed to check if the gear would pack into the space and generally she’s looking good.  On that note instead of she please meet ‘Ruby’.  Ruby was my 40th birthday present from my partner  in 2007.  Her specs have been somewhat modified for better weight , carriage, and maintenance but she’s still a spicy thing.  Ruby and I will share a great deal including tent space at night to keep her safe.  As such we’ve been bonding.  Like all virgo’s we’ve had our share of tiffs over housekeeping and the remote.   Lucky the X-factor has brought us together and we’re buds now for the road ahead.

She won’t like me saying this but her weight is a bit dodge.  We have to cull and repack.  Her weight in the panniers needs to be minimal with most packed low in her front trailer.  The trailer takes up to 32 kilos but I’m aiming for 15 without water.  I’m very light frame so 15 kilos seems like a good weight/strength ratio.  This will also reduce trailer wobbles.  Thus us girls have to shed some k’s by sorting extras from essentials.  It appears Ruby can be checked in as special baggage on the same flight .  Unaccompanied baggage was almost double with up to 14 days delay in arrival.  So in short she can be 15kilos and I’m allowed 20 with 7 hand luggage.  We’re onto it!!  Weight aside she is looking good even with the dinky yellow flag.

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