Travelling companions

Friends of mine put together a sample bag of treasures to keep me safe and entertained in my travels.  Thank you CRDVS.  Knowing how much I will miss my family and friends, amongst the treasures were these two.  They still haven’t told me their names and I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions?


About shecyclesolo

If you could dream up the most wildest adventure imaginable what would it be? Between jobs and craving new experience, I decided to indulge the challenge. This is what I conjoured with a promise to come home safe and smiling. I hope you enjoy the 1080 days of stories as much as I will sharing them. "Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you've imagined.' H D Thoreau

9 responses to “Travelling companions”

  1. Vicki Cole says :

    lol……..Milly and Bluey come to my mind!

    • shecyclesolo says :

      Hi there Vicki how’s CRDVS land? Milly and Bluey. Love it! I also had PC (lol short for pipe cleaners), Miss Jane, and Blue Dog (instead of Red Dog of recent fame at the movies). They are very lucky to have such cool options so far. Good to hear from you.

  2. Linda Hooper says :

    I like blue dog …and mono…..cause he or she looks like it has one eyebrow…..and also mono meaning one heheheeeee

  3. Viv Connolly says :

    Hello Maree, I’m Viv Connolly a friend of your Mum and Dad, and I am really looking forward for your adventure to begin and to read about your exciting journey, although I must admit I am even a bit nervous. As for names I was thinking along the lines of Aussie and Digger, but perhaps they are a bit old fashioned and anyway I am not sure of their sex.

  4. hannah says :

    Woohooo all the best Love the Travel Doctor Girls 🙂

  5. Shellee Wakefield says :


    Best of luck in your travels, it was so good to see you before you left. I was speaking to my sister about your journey and she was most impressed! She happens to be a Journalist and wanted to know if you would like any publicity now/in the future/she could do a news story in the sunshine coast daily. Totally up to you! If your interested flick us an email (

    Cheers and all the best!!


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