Post # 45 Xuan Loc

Day 52 1028 days to go. Distance: today 81km total 2741km. It’s 7.30pm Saturday 21/1/2012 Xuan Loc. I’m so happy happy happy after feeling so crappy crappy crappy 2 hours ago and for the most part of the day. I think today was mentally my hardest riding day. I’ve done more physically demanding days but this one was just tough !!!! In the words of Sesame St today was brought to you by the letter H and the number 6. Six nasty H’s made for 81kms now in the past yay – Ho Chi Minh exit, highway, headwind, hills, horns and heat eeeeeeek. But as we know every cloud has a silver lining. When it was ‘I’m so over this’ o’clock and going up yet another long hill I felt this bump from behind and a lad on a moped was using his foot to push me and Rube up the hill. A moped powered push yayayayayaya. Ive seen the locals do this balancing but effective trick before pushing along broken down mopeds or bicycles carrying or towing loads of all size and sorts. I never thought I’d be on the receiving. I could have given him the biggest kiss settling for the biggest thumbs up. It lasted a few hills worth their weight in gold. Thank you Mr whoever you are. He must have sensed I wanted to be beamed back home at that precise time. Yet another rescued by a
Local event to add to the wonderful list. Love it!!!!! I wasn’t prepared for the long hills then to come over the top to the full on head wind stole the enjoyment of ‘what goes up must come down’ reward. On top it was crazy hot. I refilled my water bottle half dozen times and I’m still dehydrated tonight after drinking 2 more litres since finishing crazy stuff. The horns and highway have been the theme for the last days as you know but it was a bit compounded with the other H’s. Ho Chi Minh was nuts exiting from nuts nuts. Two hours of morning traffic and no idea and dodgy help with people seemingly very preoccupied with their last minute Chinese New Year ‘have tos’ Saigon eventually spat me out and I spitooed it back at the time. On the road out I had a stoppy at a market buying some bread and bananas for breaky. After calorie and coffee’ing up I felt much better but it didn’t last long. All character building stuff I can say now it’s in the past πŸ™‚ I had a break at one of the roadside cafes that have hammocks next to each table and chairs where motorists stop literally for a drink, snack and kip. It was very tempting but far to dangerous so I was content with my kids chair. Most street stalls have kid sized tables and chairs that are really comfy. But that comes from someone who is happy to squat or sit on the floor and is short. Comparatively I tower over the local folk. It really stands out when I’m in crowds like at markets and the likes. Who’d ever thought. I haven’t felt tall since grade 7 when I pretty much stopped growing up πŸ™‚ The day did a 180 uturn for the far better at 4.30pm when I cycled into Xuan Loc. This place is my favorite city so far in Vietnam. It’s quaint in size but with all the local stuff going on and celebrations for new year just a toned down version. It’s really nice to enjoy the local factor without the craziness. I’ve just come in from checking out the place for the last couple of hours taking in the atmosphere of the New Years excitement, lights, flower and decorations stalls and the usual produce markets. The town is very young, people crazy friendly and Ive been flashed so many smiles I’m all warm and fuzzied up yay. The town’s one hotel cost $10 which I think is cheap as apparently the cost of hotels will now be between $15-20 so we’ll see. The room is really comfy and I’m happy. When I walked into the room this afternoon I just fell on the bed and laid there for 15minutes letting the day pass it was sooooo nice. Up and cleaned and revitalized. It’s been a fabulous end to the day. Tomorrows a 120kms to ride to Phan Thiet on the coast where the National Highway cycle route starts and heads up the eastern coast. For now it’s dinner and an early night shagged but smiling and life’s once again all good. By the way Rube did awesomely on the hills today she kicked arse gorgeous girl!!!! Talk soon x

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7 thoughts on “Post # 45 Xuan Loc

  1. Hey Buddy – when we were in Vietnam I freaked out with the traffic and I was only trying to cross the road on foot! Enjoy your trip up the coast. Don’t forget to check out the statue makers at the boarder between south and north – beautiful (but another big hill). May God be a very strong tail wind in your journey. Thinking of you and Rube. Safe travels. Eileen

  2. Phewwww all caught up now…..poor Jack has 45 posts to read,I’ve been printing them out for her,She dosnt do the computer,can’t turn it on or off.anyway…I’m real worried about ur teeth …do u still have some….omg u have such a sweet tooth,I hope u bring back recipes,especially the banana wrapped in sticky coconut rice,and cooked in a banana leaf mmmmmmm. In post 27 u mentioned hairdressers …do they have them over there?by the way u need to get out ur nail clippers and clip some of ur locks..hehee.ohhh and post 40 u finally mentioned blue dog and miss Jane,alias mono…I was starting to feel sorry for them,no mention of them,I thought they got left behind.I loved reading ur posts on temples of Angkor…just imagine all those years ago having a nice little walk in the jungle and discovering that …photos prob don’t do it justice.but I loved reading about it.when I watched an idiot abroad ..I don’t think he went there ..or I missed that ep…..not enjoying the post in Saigon …sounds scary..and busy …love the chinese new year tradition…my hubbies the year of the rat ….I’m in the of the sweet whatever …I’ll check that one out …u must crave for English speaking peeps by now.looking forward to mongolia..saw a doco on a guy that did it with a tent and a horse …awsome my fav bits r about history and traditions….I had a shit holiday ..went to see the turtles at mon repo.turtles didn’t come in till 12.30 am….in bed by 8.30 normally…saw 2eggs drop .then we had to move on to another turtle because the researchers wanted to do there thing with that one…when then turtle finished digging her hole ..she decided not to lay back to the car at 3.00am…any way I did miss the constant talking of Jack in the background…hahahaaaa….anyway thanks for Cambodia

  3. Ohh I didn’t tell u …at the cv park we were jammed in like sardines …u couldn’t even fart with someone knowing …all the kiddies …a lot …cried at 4.30 because they were tired …give them a job I say …send them out to work all day to earn 1$for their family..that’s not nice is it …that’s cause I’m a dog in the chineese zodiac ……..I can be a bitch sometimes …hahaaaaaaaaaa

    1. Canines have wonderful and very admirable qualities lol πŸ˜‰ I’m sorry your hols had some down times but your stories cracked me up. At the speed and rate the female turtles move you wouldn’t think evolution would have afforded them time to ‘chick out’ when laying. Lol mmmmmmmm CV parks and close proximity to crying children mmmmmmm I’m hearing you girl. There’s some real economic gains to child labour. πŸ˜‰ x so totally joking. Pooches rule Great that your back and love to jacki and the ladies ill see what haircut I can manage with my medical scizzers x

  4. G’day Maree,

    Just found your site today and enjoying catching up on posts! Not there yet (but, then again, neither are you ;)), but enjoying the reading so far.

    What a fantabulous journey! Good onya. πŸ˜€


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