Post # 46 Phan Thiet

Day 53 1027 days to go. Distance today: 122km total 2863km. It’s 7.30pm Sunday 22/1/2012 Phan Thiet. I had pretty much finished the post while the photos were uploading but then there was a black out and I lost it bugger. So I’ll make this start and update it back at the hotel using wifi as the photos have uploaded already the computer speed is awesome yay. Back soon.

Back again and very cool news the computer is reading the SD card. You can still see the .exe files faded but its reading the good ones as well go figure who cares they’re uploading awesome.

So today is the eve of the Chinese New Years and Phan Thiet is celebrating with all its lights and festivities and al freco family dining. The city is on the river which makes for a really pretty place at it’s best with the celebrations. I went out for a couple hours over sunset and it was beautiful. I also did a little nosing about the back residential alleyways which was sooo interesting. Local folk also enjoying their festivities low key but nonetheless. They were a little surprised to see me and Rube being nosey parkers so I just smiled and moved along not to be more intrusive than we already were. I did manage to snap a photo away from the home fronts to show you the narrow alleys they were cool and it was a good accidental find. Today was long but a shave off the H’s yesterday including my attitude so it made for a much nicer day of it. The scenery also changed getting more hilly as I got closer to the coast. Phan Thiet is where I turn north now and head up the coast along the National highway route up toHanoiand intoChinafor April and May. I haven’t caught the sight and smell of the ocean yet just the riverside but that’ll be tomorrow for sure as I turn left and head up the coast. Today’s also significant being my last official day of being a police officer. I was privilaged to getting an article done on my cycle tour in the Sunshine coast daily so check it out for a read. Bit of ironic timing and I like I get to celebebrate this time doing what I’m doing. The picture they featured doesn’t show Rube and she’s not talking to me again. Bugga. Time for some more pampering and taking lots of feature photos of her over the next days. Don’t be surpirised to see me making a fuss about her in the uploaded photos. She so deserves the attention carrying the load of me and the trailer every day beautifully J

I entertained the brain first up this morning for an hour by waving at people who gawked and counting how many waved back. It was a really good way to get my attitude back on track from yesterday. So the stats were 66 of my waves to 49 wave backs pretty good I reckon. I think it’s human communication instinct to positively respond to a positive attitude and it showed today. A good heads up. A little fellow just visited me very curious about what I was doing. I gave him a big hello and he squeeked a hello but was frightened off. Poor little fellow and a bit of a change fromCambodia. The hotel I found was good $11 per night and with hot water huge indulgance. I stood under it far longer than any good water conservationist would this afternoon but I must say the excessiveness was totally delish. The photos are finished uploading so it’s time to attach and head for some dinner, sarving. Ocean breeze sounds far more nicer than inland headwind don’t you think? Bring it on. Talk soon x PS I have a skype date in the morning with my partner and the puppies how cool is that!!!!!!

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