Post # 80 Somewhere before Lipu

Day 93 897 days to go. Distance: today 85km. It’s 6.40pm Friday 2/3/2012 ‘Somewhere’ 15km before Lipu. We packed up this morning and went to leave and the reception lady from the hotel ran out with 150 yen for me. Go figure!!!!!! The sign behind the counter had standard single rooms at 300 yen. But for reasons unknown and who cares  I got half refunded. $25 back in the pocket is better then $50 out any day of the week three times on Sunday even. What a great start to the day. The cycle today was cold and windy with drizzle on and off yuk poo!! However the scenery had lots of atmosphere with low swirling cloud and fog through the hills. The countryside was more green and rolling with backdrop higher mountains and pine forested. There were large cleared sections so it appears the industry in these parts. It made for beautiful  cycling. We’ve sorted our gear to keep cosy in the conditions so the drizzle chill weather is manageable. We were very
happy to stop at a small dot and get out of it for a bit at the 30km mark. The smell of fresh noodles was too much. Time for brunch!!! It was the best noodle soup Ive had with finely chopped mixed veg and herbs, heaps of greens, nuts and a crystalized chilly mix on top. It had a sweet sour tang to it and was delish. No really I’m not even joking!!! We’re coping better with the cold thing like I said so I wielded those chopsticks like a true local and even slurped the soup from the bowl. I then grabbed a toothpick and Asian squatted with the moped cabbies on the corner people watching.  Actually most people were watching me but i was trying hard to be cool and blend. Full bellied we headed off and did hills pretty much the rest of the kms. I totally didn’t care just super happy and content knowing we were on the right road for the day for a change. Rubes new front durailer got its first decent work out and she did a great job. Love my girl!! We had one
ascent that went for 10km but the descent was short and steep and big big fun weeeeeeeeeeeee. Looking at the map tonight I think it was the Daya Shan (Range) at 1700m which we crossed for any geography nuts out there along with my Pops. 15km out of Lipu we went through this tiny town that doesn’t even rate a dot so I have no idea the name but it’s got a great small town feel. I planned to just have a wee break before finishing the last kms for the day and parked alongside the moped cabbies who we have a soft spot for. They’re always very friendly and helpful and full of mischief.  I was striking up a factually irrelevant, quasi conversation of gestures with one fella, when I thought to ask if there was a hotel. It was straight across the road and 20 yen yayayayayayayay. We belong here!!!! It’s totally basic and clean and perfect with bucket hot water and a gas cooker I can use. I had my bucket bath and smelling like roses headed into the town to do a
spot of shopping. On the list were eggs and something sweet as I’ve finished the honey (good effort!!). I bought 10 eggs (10yen) even though I only asked for 5, 2 steamed sweet bread triangles (1 yen), and a packet of cookies (1 yen). Soo happy had my shopping fix in a town with a hotel at the right price. I had it in the back of my mind today whether Lipu would have the same hotel restrictions. A small town option works perfectly tonight. It’s only 40km from Lipu to Yangshu now 55kms with the extra 15km but still a very sociable distance.  All going well we should be in Yangshu by lunchtime to do some looking around.  Back to our wee hotel. The man and lady running it are friendly and real. She has some girl friends over and they keep laughing at me when I pass bye but nothing nasty in it just cheekiness. They gave me a almond biscuit when I headed to the shops. It was fabulous filled with coconut and poppy seeds. Its a little mecca for truckies to
as they have a small restaurant attached and the smells are awesome. I do like being around everyday folk. It gives me a sense of homeliness which is nice. I’ve boiled up my ten eggs which I’ll devour over the next days and brewed the biggest pot of green tea which is keeping me toasty. I’m sitting in the room with the gas cooker as its heaps warmer than the room. It definately doesn’t have air conditioning set at 30 degrees and I’m happy happy happy. Now this is my kind of endulgence 🙂 It’s time for an early dinner and in bed with the China Lonely Planet to read up on Yangshu. Plus it’s friggin freezing!! The daughter who helped me carry my gear up said in her best English ‘tonight cold.’ No Shi# Sherly Sherlock. Have I told you lately how much I love posting each night. It’s just the best space to reflect over the day and put it to words. I’m so enjoying the process. The days are full on so to stop and enjoy is a wonderful time for me and very cool
to share with you. I’ve drunk too much green tea so got to go find the communal loo. Fun post! Talk soon x

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