Post # 81 Yangshou

Day 94 896days to go. Distance: today 66kms total 5647km. It’s 9.00pm Saturday 3/3/12 Yangshu. Internet Internet Internet Internet!!!!! My boiled eggs are getting rained on. Their hanging outside in the extra fresh air and it’s full on raining. They’ll taste pretty good very soon but!!  It’s a short post tonight as I have been having the most delish internet date with my partner and I’m tidy widies ad hungry. Yangshou has bee a bit of a milestone for us so it feels really satisfying to arrive here safe and sound with 10 days of China experience under our belts. The ride was beautiful as you can imagine it’s the karst country mecca and we rode with the lofty peaks for the 66km growing in stature as we got closer. Yangshou caters to the tourists as it’s primary industry. I found a cute hotel for 80yen and enjoyed an afternoon and emailing and pampering and checking out the local sights. It’s been really relaxing ad it’s really nice to be here. Not sure what we’re doing tomorrow we’ll see what the weather brings and decide from there. Talk soon x

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