Post # 82 Yangshou

Day 95 895 days to go. Distance today 62kms total 5709km. It’s 8.05pm Sunday 4/3/2012 Yangshou. isn’t it awesome when the hardest thing you have decide for the day is which photo to attach to the post. I can’t pick!!!!! I started the day with the most delish huge skype session with the folks. I love it. It ‘s so special to hear what’s happening at home. I love talking to Ma ad Pa. It gives me such a top up on all good stuff. They’re so cool and I’m so fortunate. Pops tried to fid out more o the weather i the Regions I travel over the next weeks but not much luck. The site he found said it was fine in Guilin today. MMMMM Looking at my wet weather gear laid out to dry from the day’s adventure I think they have a work experience student pointing the radar 🙂 All good!! It’s been one of those days that I’ll notch in the extra special belt. When I started planning this trip I was house sitting at the folks with the pooches. We would saddle up each night to a session of ‘Wild China’ or one of Kylie Kwong’s  cooking episodes which they have in their DVD collection. That’s where the China interest sparked and grew into 1080 days with a good dose of Ewa McGregor’s ‘Long Way Round’ and Down. One of my favorite parts in Wild China is on the Li River. And today I was there, sitting on the pebbly bank, getting my socks wet and savoring it over an extra good coffee. I love my flask and I love this part of the world. I watched a kingfisher eyeing his catch at the water’s edge and an eagle diving from a lofty peak to catch his fish dish. I think back to when this was a concept and now I’m posting about it. Very cool indeedy!!!! We actually ended up where we did accidentally so it was a ‘meant to happen’ thing which added to the cool factor. After speaking to the folks this morning I decided to stay an extra day and check out the sights. Rube and I went looking for a wee village the lonely planet mentions about 9kms
away. Must have taken the wrong road but instead found the road to the ancient village of Xingping. It is pictured on the back of the 20 yen notes and is over 1000 years old. The 30km cycle there was perfect. The cloud had lifted so we could really appreciate the karst countryside. The village was a maize of cobbled streets and lanes with local folk living their day to day pretty much unspoiled by it’s fame. We just wandered around and soaked it all up. The town lies right o the Li River and the local road follows the river through the National Park. Rube ad I did our best cycling to date. The road led to the river’s edge where we spotted the best coffee possie to Asian squat ad smell the roses. Great photos awesome amazing perfect happy happy girls!!! Apparently the scenery here outstrips anything in Guilin so I feel extremely lucky and content. I had a skype date at 5pm so we headed back not caring the slightest about the downpour that kept us company. Right up there in favorite moments to date. Had a hot date yay and now posting to you fine folk. It is however time for dinner as I’ve been googling over my photos from the last week trying to decide which ones to send to my sister to attach to the posts. As you know I cant update the blog due to internet censorship in China. It’s so great my sister is updating the blog for me through email. I’m only sending one photo per post as attaching photos is what takes time.  Thank-you so much for your comments they are very special and supportive and very appreciated. Unfortunately I can’t reply to the comments because of the censorship but I love receiving them nonetheless xxx Onto Guilin tomorrow ad very happy that I have seen the best of this beautiful part of the world. Talk soon x

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2 thoughts on “Post # 82 Yangshou

  1. Xingping was such a find, what a great story! My family will be sitting down to “Wild China ” tonight too!

    Don’t worry…..your blog’s so colourful…..there’s enough to keep us busy till the photos arrive!

    Enjoy Guilin Ree, hope the rain eases on your next leg and keep those chopsticks flying, show ’em you’re a no spoon girl!

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