Post # 85 Yongzhou

Day 99 891 days to go. Distance: today 84km total 5993km. It’s 8.30pm Thursday 8/3/2012 Yongzhou. Ive been reading up on some Chinese facts and figures all interesting stuff. Here’s a few bits and bobs that may be of interest to you. If not I’ll keep it brief so dont go anywhere 😉
  • Longest lasting civilization on earth at 6000 years old
  • most popilous nation at 1.34 billion (1/5 humanity)
  • GNP is aligned with Namibia
  • Patriachial society of traditions whee woman are subservient to men
  • urban women enjoy more freedoms and opportunities nowadays but rural china remains very traditional
  • women generally do not hold positions of power in chinese society
  • Inequity is among the most extreme in the world
  • urban middle class is growing rapidly but most ofr china remains rural and poor
  • Chinese women are more likely to commit suicide than men with rural women 5x times more likely
  • The major faiths are Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism, Christianity, Communism and Animism
  • Tones distinguish meaning of some words for eg. high tone ‘ma’ is mother but falling tone ‘ma’ is horse 🙂 we dont want to muck that one about!!
  • Rural China has seen litle change in 30 years
  • There are 8 major clans Han being the biggest at 92%
  • One child policy was enforced in 1980 non Hans exempted
  • Rural folk are allowed two children if the first is a girl
  • Confucious was born 551 BC
  • The great wall was first built 214 BC
  • The first and only female emperor Wu Zetian ruled 625-705
  • China was a republic for forty years from 1911
  • The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) came to power in 1928
  • Ghengis Khan conquered and ruled from 1215 but Mongol reign only lasted 100 years
  • Marco polo was around 1298
I said Id be brief so that’ll do plus Im hungrey. Food the great motivator. Today we moved from Guangxi to Hunan province. The countryside changed almost instantly to rolling hills, lots of rivers and leafless winter trees. The roads and villages were very simple but bustling with local produce markets. The last 50kms of ride was hills and it rained for the most part and very very chilly. I put plastic bags between my socks nd shoes to try keep the feet a bit toastier and it worked a treat (Good tip Mops x). We breaked at a small town with a colorful market and found some date paste steamed buns to warm a happy tummy. WEe arrived here this arv and I pulled up alongside this woman to ask where a hotel was. I frightened her and she went to run off when I said ‘no no its ok I just want a hotel’ in my most friendly gestures. She realised I wasnt going to bite hard and set off showing me a hotel and calling over friends to help. It was a mini tornado deal but all genuinely helpful. Pretty soon Im clean and toasty in my 60 yen room. We headed out to check the town and found the local supermarket full of fresh and prepared produce it was awesoame  with little packages stuff except cooking needs. They have the best mix of breads and cakey sweats heavn for me!! I bought some bread and tofy for dinner. Coming out of the supermarket I noticed a stairwell with two young lads coming down. Good spotting!!! An internet cafe was on the 2nd floor awesome so I got to check and send the family some emails yayaya. That’s pretty much it for today. It’s time to put some calories in the head and to bed. Talk soon x
I see the human factor
as potential for the remarkable
particudlarly as a collective
transparent and true
We are limited by nothing
with our agendas tabled and aligned
an our driven engery is spent
in common purpose
We are leaders
through choice.
I choose to act
on good and right
and stand up for
what I stand for.
I choose to act
and stand behind
those who stand up
for good and right.
We choose to act
on good and right
and together
make it happen.

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