Post # 87 Qidong

Day 100 890 days to go. Distaance: today 105km total 6097km. It’s a 8.00pm Friday 9/3/2012 Qidong. Have I told you lately howe much we’re loving China. I can’t put my finger on it the exact appeal that’s under my skin but it’s there and it’s awesome. It was cool today to do some decent kms under tricky conditions. The only element missing was the rain and we didnt miss or mind that at all. We had undulating hills all the way which makes for beautiful scenery but todey widey legs tonight. It’s so flippen cold but my thinking is if they can deal so can we. Rube wants Ugg boots but I keep telling her she has no feet. The local folk have mitt gloves fitted to the hand grips on their m opeds so I have promised her a set if I find them 🙂 I was watching the weather report last night and everywhere across China was raining and under 5 degrees. So we have given each other big well done pats on reaching te 6000km mark with lots of cred yay us!!! The morning the fella from the hotel walked us out and waved us off. It was sweet. He couldnt speak a word of English but I know he was looking out for us. This morning we passed another cyclist traelling the opposite direction. It would have been good to hit him up for a bit of info but jhis English was as good as my Mandarin. So instead we complemented ewach others bikes and did the ‘where from’ ‘where to’ thing and other gesture small talk 🙂 We took partying photos and got going again. It was nice to come across another lunatic cydcling in this weather. The hills this morning were extra hilly so we were happy to see the speedo click over to lunch o’clock at a town called Quiyang. I was looking out for a bakery when I spotted this corner cafe packed with locals. You selected what you wanted and they stir fried it up with a bottomless bowl of rce. All for 6 yen ($1) awesome!! So I picked tofu and ginger and mushrooms and greens and she threw some nuts and extra bits in. It was yuymmy big time happy tummy. caloried up we headed for the second stint. I had to stop heaps of times at junctions and ask for directions but I enjoy this now. I enjoy the poor victim’s initial fear and their mfreeze or flight response literally. It’s then about snapping them out of it with friendly gestures and a good dose of gentle assertiveness. The majority of folk all ages are happy to help once they realise they can and do. The last fella I masked at a junction 20kms out caught me by surprise when he interrupted my gestures routine with a ‘where do you want to go?’ It turns out he’s the English teacher at the l;ocal school. It would have been great to hit him up with the million questions I have but he was catching the bus which arrived inconverniently too soon bugga. We finally rolled into Qidong chuffed with our days effort but keen to stop. I wanted to first find the road out. This makes the next day far more appealing when cosy in bed at alarm o’clock. I was near the bus stop where I know there are cheap hostels so asked a couple young lads. They pointed to a tiny restaurant again packed with locals. It was a similiar set up but with rice noodles and all ingredients laid out on a table out front. The husband and wife running the place were all smiles and happiness that I wanted to stay. The room’s basic but clean enough and the hottest water evere. At 30 yen it’s perfect. Im all rugged up and wrapped comfy in the doona talking to you fine folk. Happiness is 🙂 It’s anaother 100 ish kms tomorrow to Nanyue. This is the town where the hike up Heng Shan starts. The mountain is where Emperors once came to hunt and make sacrifices to Heaven and Earth. Each represent the five elements Heng Shan being the fire maountain. It’s a full days hike up and down to enjoy the shrines, temples, and monstaries along the way. Apparently the scenery’s beautiful with waterfalls and streams and farms. Ive allowed a day to check it out so that will be Sunday. A very cool break out of the saddle for both of us. Time for dinner and bed. Talk soon x
You need not check your shoulder.
I am there and right behind you
through your everyday.
I need not check my shoulder.
You are there and right behind me
through my every day.
Our days are mostly spent apart
and adventures each our own
but what I do I sahe with you.
In strength our love has grown.
Our day to days we get to share
and adventures had as one
is time I treasure as a gift.
Our time has just begun.

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