Post # 106 Gaoy

Day 120 611 days to go. Distance: today 120km total 7650km.

It’s 6.30pm Thursday 29/3/2012 Gaoy. It’s nice to be squeaky clean, have my to-dos done and be posting to you fine folk early this evening. I’m a bit weary tonight so a few extra zzzz’s won’t go astray. After yesterday’s awesome day of it, today didn¡’t have any stand outs except the weather which continues to show off China’s spring. The trees are starting to bud and it’s an exciting time to see the country come out of its winter. We’re certainly appreciating the warmer and drier change.

For a country that eats anything with wings except planes there’s no shortage of birdlife. It’s a real standout feature particularly with the start of spring now. Except for the giant willy wagtails the common birds are sparrows and a sort of finch with different colored heads they’re sooo cute. They keep us company beeping and busy along the roadside grasses. Another regular feature along the 107 is the train line that runs parallel also on route to Beijing. There are two main passenger trains, a bright red multi carriage classic that looks great against the green agriculture. The other is a white pointed bullet train that zips past periodically as a reminder of China’s mish-mash of old and new. That reminds me of another story Giong Long told me about buying tickets for train travel in peak season. He said that folk can queue for up to two days for the popular routes. Isn’t that crazy!!

 I woke unusually early this morning so we were on the road by 8am. We stopped for brunch and I bought this delish spinach pancake filled with a mix of garlic, onion and the clear stringy noodles made from potato that was in the traditional dish yesterday. We passed lots more farmers shepherding their sheep today with a few goats thrown in to add a bit of character.

A large part of the km were along open plains very dry and dusty. Perfect conditions for a wicked headwind that challenged us a bit. Two times today we took advantage of a passing moped truck travelling similar speed. They are awesome to draft behind and the difference is huge. We squeezed about 5km both times and it was enough to give the legs a break and find a second wind. In saying this we’re going along really well just happy to be out there amongst it and being given the chance to cycle through to Beijing as hoped. All going well we should arrive on the 3rd and will find accommodation until meeting family on the 5th. I’m a little excited!!! Well actually I’m totally busting to share the sites and excitement of Beijing with people I love and miss. For now one peddle and post at a time as we still got cool safe stuff to squeeze out of the next days. Time for dinner and a veg in front of the TV. I feel like my Dad watching SBS. Talk soon x


When you’re helping hearts appear

is when we least expect it.

If we’re in a tricky spot

you always seem to find us.


What makes your hearts so generous

to a foreign stranger?

It is such a special gift,

the Chinese giving nature.


So if you’re ever in our land

I hope we can repay you

as it remains my sincere wish

Australians may be like you.

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One thought on “Post # 106 Gaoy

  1. Hey buddy, Good to see you staying safe and taking advantage of the passing traffic! What a cheat but what fun. Love your stories about the people you meet, particularly the bank people and how they practice their English. I can feel your anticipation in meeting up with family/friends again and every peddle getting closer. Hope the time is fun and a good break for you. When you first took the trip I thought you would be camping more – I was a bit worried about that. Good to see you doing well and thoughts are with you daily. Just spent the perfect autumn day walking along Woorim beach. Just love autumn weather apparently as much as you love Chinese spring. Stay safe friend. Eileen.

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